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Posted by on Jan 25, 2011 in EdsPick2, Featured, Music | 122 comments

U2 Pre-sale Tickets Collection Details

====Post Edit: Saturday, 05 February 2011 @ 19:35===

Tickets purchased through eTix for the U2 at Cape Town Stadium in Cape Town on February 18th.

We are pleased to provide you with confirmed ticket collection details.
Tickets may be collected at the V & A Information Centre, located at:

V & A Waterfront, Dock Road, Cape Town, South Africa

Dates and hours that tickets may be collected:
Wednesday, February 16th: 9am-6pm
Thursday, February 17th: 9am-6pm
Friday, February 18th: 9am-6pm

The V & A Information Centre is located next to Mitchell’s Brewery. Short-term parking while collecting tickets is available directly opposite of the information centre. Please remember to bring your photo ID.
These collection details are for the performance in CAPE TOWN ONLY.

Big thanks to Autour who was first off the mark and updated us with the comment below moments after receiving the mail!

====Post Edit: Saturday, 05 February 2011 @ 02:15===

Tickets purchased through eTix for the U2 at FNB Stadium in Johannesburg on February 13th.

We are pleased to provide you with confirmed ticket collection details.
Tickets may be collected at the The Firs Mall, located adjacent to the Hyatt Regency Johannesburg at:

The Firs, Biermann Avenue, Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa

Dates and hours that tickets may be collected:
Friday, February 11th: 10am-6pm
Saturday, February 12th: 10am-6pm
Sunday, February 13th: 10am-6pm

Enter the parking area off Biermann Ave. Once you enter the mall, signage will direct you to the ticket collection point. Please remember to bring your photo ID.
These collection details are for the performance in JOHANNESBURG ONLY. Collection details for Cape Town are forthcoming.

Big Thanks to both Debs and prodigal who both posted this info simultaneously below! You both rock hugely! The full text of the email they received is in their comments below
And thanks too now to Nishaan for the updated info with the changed pickup location. Full copy of the email is in Nishaans’ comment here.

====Post Edit: Monday, 31 January 2011 @ 13:30===
Something else has just occurred to me that may just throw another spanner into the works here… (sorry )
I recall seeing/reading somewhere a note that once we (eventually!!) receive our tickets from we’ll still need to take these to Computicket and collect our actual entrance tickets from them? I seem to think that the reason for this was due to the fact the the tickets issued by eTix would not conform to the scanners/barcode readers/whatevers in use at the stadium entrance gates, and that only the physical tickets that are produced by Computicket would work.

Here’s the specific note:
How will I receive my tickets?
Your tickets will be distributed to you by most likely in the first week of January 2011, and you will still receive a Computicket ticket in order to enter the venue.

Now, if that’s still valid (and I see no reason why it isn’t, or why it would have changed) it just adds more of a concern to those in this situation…

====Post Edits End===

With all of the confusion surrounding the issuing and collection of U2 260 Degree concert tickets bought online during the pre-sales period by subscribers, I sent an email to eTix earlier today asking for some clarification.

This is the response I received a short while ago:

Hi Greg,

Thank you for contacting eTix. You can anticipate that tickets will be available a few days before the performance as well as on the day of the performance— please do not make special flight accommodations to arrive several days early for the sole purpose of collecting tickets as tickets will still be available on the day of the show.

As soon as ticket collection details are confirmed, an email will be sent to ticket holders. Please be on the lookout for an email sent from or in the near future.

Thanks for your patience in this matter.

eTix Customer Support

Like many others, all I’m trying to do is get clarity on the issue as there are conflicting stories doing the rounds. Around the same time that I was receiving the response from eTix, Big Concerts, in a commented reply to a question seemed to suggest that we can collect our tickets from Computicket already:

However, that statement completely contradicts the polite note from the lovely Heather at eTix. So what now?


  1. Just had a close look at my tickets. They were printed on 22 October! 🙂 Oh well at least they are in my sticky paws now! I can relax till Sunday morning! AAAhhhhAAAhhh!!! 😉

    • Thank goodness we can laugh about it all now Debs. Think of all the stress they could have reduced for all the pre-sale folk if (1) they’d told us from the beginning that the tickets they had were produced by Computicket and wouldn’t need us to exchange them; and (2) they’d brought the tickets back into SA in January and started the issuing of them earlier than 3 days before the concerts?

      Maybe go put them down now – your sticky paws may just cause the barcodes to rub off! 😀

  2. Hi there

    When collecting the pre-sale tickets for the Cape Town show, do I get the tickets with my ID or do I need all the ID’s???

    I am concerned as we’re all working and we need to get the tickets in Cape Town.

    Please let me know if you have any info.

    Thanks – N

    • Hi Nerita,

      When I collected in Joburg I took my Id and the confirmation email with the order number on. If you are collection on behalf of others who have ordered you will probably need their Id’s and their email confirmation of their orders. Rather be safe than sorry. The boxes in Joburg were marked in alphabetical order. It was quite quick once they got going. I think there are many more collections in CT than in Joburg. Good luck. Enjoy the show – ours was awesome. 🙂

      • Thanks Debs, I’m hoping it’s that easy!

  3. hi

    Any news on how the collection of the Cape Town tickets are going?


    • Have just collected mine. In and out in 5 minutes. Process is well designed and is help desks are sorted alphabetically.

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