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Posted by on Sep 21, 2009 in Greg, Random, Relationships | 8 comments

Fat Guy Syndrome

Fat Guy Syndrome
Fat Guy SyndromeThe condition that exists amongst primarily overweight males in their middle years, causing irregular breathing patterns and a sudden retraction of the abdominal cavity when confronted with a member of the female gender.

This abnormal retraction of the abdomen is balanced by an over-exaggeration of pectoral muscles and an unnatural swelling of the chest cavity.

The syndrome frequently results in explosive spasms reversing these muscle group activities, leading to an automatic labelling of the sufferers’ of the syndrome as “perv” by observing members of the female gender, and as “dickhead” by male counterparts and colleagues.


  1. lmao …. man … you could use this guy as a rocket launcher …

  2. Imagine if she had been taking a leisurely stroll and he'd had to hold it for even longer!

  3. Bwahahahaha! Oh, crap, that's funny G! Hau, you white boys!?!

  4. Us more mature ladies also have to breath in every time a handsome oke zimmers by.

    • That's more likely in order to slow the heart rate down and prevent cardiac arrest than to impress the zimmer-dudes, right Gran?

  5. Hey! I removed that from the NET under Intelectual property rights!

    • What are you on about?? Clearly, your pain medications are affecting your ability to communicate in clear, concise and understandable terms!

  6. lmao!


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