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Posted by on Jan 6, 2010 in BlaBla, Entertainment, Random | 8 comments

Fancy a R1.2 Billion Boost for Your Bank Account?

Yes, that’s 1.2 BILLION Rand.

So you thought the local South African lottery prize was getting to an amount worth taking a stab at? The Lotto itself is at R26-million, with the PowerBall lottery at R29-million for the next draw. Not numbers to be sneezed at to be fair.

But they pale into insignificance when compared to the growing jackpot prize presently attached to the SuperENA lottery in Italy. At the time of writing, the estimated jackpot for the next SuperENA draw stands at €118-million. That’s not a typo. It is in Euro, and it is 118,000,000 of them waiting to be won!

A quick currency conversion shows that  €118,000,000 = R1,243,569,148!  That’s a heck of a lot of numbers indeed.

We’ve found a UK based agency that seems very well organised and professional – called appropriately Play Huge Lottos, it’s managed by Play UK Internet and is able to handle lottery ticket orders from South Africans (from anywhere in the world actually). The online registration system and order processing is quick and easy, they have a number of promotions and reward bonuses in place as well.

For starters they will automatically double your first deposit up to a maximum of £300 so you could open your lottery players’ account with up to £600! Also, a single player account enables you to not only play the SuperENA lottery, but to also have a flutter in all of the following international lottery draws as well (listed in order of estimated jackpot size):

But the Big Daddy of them all remains the SuperENA Lottery with its’ R1,243,000,000 jackpot prize!

Any of the links or ads in this post will take you to the Play Huge Lottos site where you can register to play.

Good luck, and remember us when you win the Big One!

Disclaimer: The links and banners in this post are affiliate advertiser links. But we would never promote a service that we haven’t tried ourselves. We have. We haven’t won anything yet, but we will. One day. Soon!


  1. BlaBla say how much!!?

    Damn that's a lotta cash. Whats the deal with foreingers winning the money though? Can we bring it in to SA without issues from the law and tax man?

  2. Haibo! That is a LOT of moolla. I dunno what the taxman will say but he can have half of it with pleasure. I would be happy with 'just' R600 million. Very happy indeed 😀

  3. I think the taxman would poep in his broek if you wrote those numbers on your tax return….. They might just recon it's a typo and give you a refund…..

  4. A friend of mine in Port Elizabeth won big with them (he wont tell me the exact amounts, but it was in the millions of Rands vicinity). SARS always get their cut, but it is actually not that bad. He had to paya windfall tax of 10%. It's the same as winning big cash at an overseas casino or at the WSOP. He's still smiling.

    • Hi David (& welcome to The BlaBla Blog!)

      Always assumed that SARS would have their share of a win, but never realised that it was only a 10% chunk. That's a darn fair deal indeed. I'm sure your friend is "still smiling" 😀

      The SuperENA jackpot has rolled over again since Bla's post (they have three draws a week – Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday). That means that there's another draw due later today. At an estimated €119,000,000 (R1,264,520,590!!!!) payout possibility, the taxman can have all he wants as far as I'm concerned. Like JoBra I'd happily settle for even less than 50% of that much money…

      Go get those tickets in BlaBla-ers!!

  5. So lemme see if I can figure this out….

    A BlaBla-er wins the jackpot of R1,264,520,590.

    They give BlaBla 10% to thank me for the referral = – R126,452,059 leaving them R1,138,068,531 of which the taxman gets his 10% = – R113,806,853. Total winnings going into the BlaBla-er's bank account = R1,024,261,678!!

    BlaBla's R126,452,059 gets taxed at 10% as well = – R12,645,205 leaving me with R113 806 854.

    Okay, I guess I can settle for R113-million. No problem.

    • BlaBla then pays the BLOGGERS that helped promote the referal 1% =R1.13m each……

  6. @BlaBla. I love the way this unfolds 🙂 Can you imagine someone saying, "I dont like this sort of thing because the taxman and the website each take 10%"

    I mean come on,talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. The PlayUKinternet guys provide a very easy-to-use and jacked up service for the price of a pack of ciggies. Why complain when they take a comission on something we saffers couldnt access without their help anyway.

    I would also settle for just over a billion.


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