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Posted by on Mar 4, 2012 in Motor | 0 comments

F1 Season is around the corner

It has been a while since I have made my voice heard round these parts, but I think it is important to let all our readers note that it is time to prepare…

Prepare for probably the best season of Formula 1 racing we have been witness to in many a year. (I probably sound like a Baptist minister at this point…) The unprecedented mix of 6 previous world champions, the return of Kimi and the promise to Michael by Mercedes to provide a challenging car leads me to the upcoming Breakfast GP.

Breakfast GP you ask…Well it is something of a tradition in our house that we eat during the first GP broadcast. The opening Grand Prix in Melbourne, Arsetralia just happens to be at breakfast time in sunny South Africa.

So, I open the invite to all those who know where I live (sneaky little excluder…) The GP starts at 8AM. I expect visitors/viewers to participate in engineering the feast (i.e. bring your own!) The big screen is ready, Jett is excited and Nat is prepared for an invasion of World Cup proportions.

The new cars all look like flat-billed platypuses, if that is even an adjective – or spelt correctly. Have you seen some of them? The Ferraris are the worst…(Just to piss BlaBla off…) {Didn’t work. I agree with you!}

What it is with the nose cone with the dent? Looks like the designers dropped something on them. Why did Mclaren get it so pretty and everyone else make their car so doff/ugly? Read the regulations people. They do not require the cars to look ugly, just be safe.

So, let the 2012 season begin…

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