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Posted by on Oct 16, 2009 in Random, Voted | 4 comments

Esabezee One….

SABC logo, used until 1996

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Following up on the SABC post from this morning, my daughter was at a TV shoot yesterday with Bryan Habana and PROTEX. They were filmed washing hands and so on. I asked her if they told them when it will be on TV and she said “Tonight, on esabezee one” I had to control myself from pissing in my pants with laughter. Shows you how “South African” my household is. My kids don’t even know what SABC television is…..

So, in order to educate my kids on things other than MULTICHOICE/DSTV we decided to watch some esabezee tv last night. We happened across S A’s Got Talent. And wow we do. Some brilliant performers of all kinds. An Afrikaaner of note playing the squash box, a white boy beetboxer, some pantsula dancers, a couple of singing tweenies and so on.

The Mrs. and I decided that our country is so diverse it’s amazing. An afrikaans opera singer singing in Italian as if he has all his life. We even have our own Popppie Boyle, a 50 year old koeksister baking NG Kerk going amazingly good singer.

You guys should give the show a watch, even Ian Von Memerty has found his place on TV.

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  1. Yeah, My wife comments a lot on my S’frican nisms. She is from liverpool.
    I do think we got talent, but somehow I get the feeling that we are still a pace or two behind the US and UK.

    • We speak a little different don't we….

  2. Blooming heck (<< not a Souff Africanism). It took me a good couple of seconds of careful looking before I could figure out what "esabezee one" meant!

    Love the post Voted! Can picture it as she says it 🙂

    We discovered the SA's Got Talent show last week, and like you were suitably impressed by a bunch of that acts that went through to the next round. I agree that there is an immense amount of talent in this country.

    At the same time, I sort of have to agree with Robert as well. Sort of. I think where we fall short those few steps is not in the talent itself, but in the development, nurturing, marketing and supporting that talent. That, and the sometimes less than professional, slick and entertaining production values of some locally produced television shows (especially live shows) are the only small let-downs I sometimes have.

    I guess a lot of that is budget constraint driven?

    • The local production is almost completely crap, and it has nothing to do with budgets, the esabezee has plenty of money to throw around, just not in the right places……

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