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Posted by on Apr 19, 2010 in Outdoors, Photography | 3 comments

Dramatic Eyjafjallajokull Icelandic Volcano Photo

Eyjafjallajokull – the name alone sounds ominous. It’s eruption last week, and the resulting spew of ash has caused major issues with flights across northern Europe being cancelled for three straight days now. (Although the airline industry is starting to question that decision.)

Local Icelandic astronomer Snævarr Guðmundsson was able to travel to within just a few kilometres from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano, and shared his incredible images and thoughts of the sight with Nancy Atkinson at Universe Today.

Lightnings1 Here’s my choice of the pick of the pictures (yes, that’s lightning inside the ash plume!), but make a point of viewing some of the others Guðmundsson took, and be sure to check out the rather eerie radar image that closes Ms. Atkinsons’ article.


  1. Amazing! My Mom and Dad are soon to be stuck in ITALY thanks to the VOLCANO. Getting of a cruise ship this week.

    • I think it's only the airports in the north of Italy that are impacted at the moment. Could be wrong.

    • Okay, quick check about, and you may be right – they could be in trouble…

      MAJOR EU AIRPORTS 19/04 via BBC News

      London Heathrow: Closed

      Germany: Airports in Frankfurt, Munich and Dusseldorf reopening to take 50 Lufthansa flights

      Paris Charles de Gaulle: Closed

      Schiphol, Amsterdam: Closed

      Rome: Leonardo Da Vinci International and Ciampino Airports open, limited service

      Madrid: Madrid-Barajas Airport open, but excessive delays

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