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Posted by on Apr 8, 2010 in South Africa | 4 comments

Don’t Touch Me On My Studio – Make The Circle Bigger Remix

April 07, 2010 – AWB General Secretary, Andre Visagie, looses his temper and threatens everyone around when interrupted by political analyst Lebohang Pheko, during the Wednesday 7 April 2010 recording of the programme, Africa 360, hosted by Chris Maroleng.

The recording’s topic was on "The killing of famers and farmworkers on South Africa farms". Visagie left the eNews building with his bodyguard after 30 minutes of the commencement of the 1-hour programme.

It didn’t take long for the video clip of Mr. Visagies’ crazed behaviour and hissy-fit to make the global news sites and hit the YouTube streams. Besides Visagies ridiculous utterances to Ms. Pheko, the clip is rapidly becoming a video meme due to the programme hosts’ (Chris Maroleng) efforts to restrain Visagie and defend his female guest. In amongst he repeatedly told Visagie “Don’t touch me on my studio” – the phrase rapidly becoming a Twitter comedy-craze as well.

It also didn’t take much time for the audio-activists to take the sound bites apart and rebuild them into musical remixes. Of the couple I’ve seen, this is the most professional with the remixer not only tweaking the audio, but also inserting the clips from the interview into the video of JR’s recent hit, “Show Dem (Make the Circle Bigga)”.

So, especially for Voted!, here is the Mo’s Circle Mix of (Don’t) Touch Me On My Studio:

Gotta love this country of ours!


  1. Don't touch me on my studio!

    Why? Does it have a contagious rash?
    Okay. But I really want to touch you on something. Please?
    I'll let you touch me on mine…


    • Where exactly is his studio, upper body, lower body. Please dont touch me ON my studio!!!!

      LOL they where both very very funny!!!!

  2. That interview is hilarious! Best bit is the dude calling over his AWB "bodyguard" to move the interviewers hand off his arm. Like he was so repulsed at the mere thought of having to touch this black man, he needed some scrawny weed of a nazi storm trooper wannabe to do it for him.

    F-me, what a bunch of wankers this lot still are!

  3. very cool remix. I told you this song was legendary!


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