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Posted by on Jan 19, 2011 in Featured, News, Writing | 2 comments

Dont News Photo Captions Need Sub-Editing Too?

A story getting a fair amount of attention on the IOL News website this morning tells of a shooting incident in a Mr. Price store in Cape Town yesterday.

Headlined “Bullets fly at Mr Price store”, the article includes a small photograph illustrating the event. The caption on this picture is what irked my English sensibilities this morning.

photo caption

Police arrested suspect at Mr Price in Cape town Adderly street which had a turf with a security were a gun shortwent off.

Say what??

Is it too much to ask of people with supposed professional journalism credentials to caption their images with a sentence that at the very least makes some sense? And to capitalise and punctuation that sentence correctly.

Or am I just being a bit of a pedantic Grammar Nazi here?


  1. LOL!! Maybe that caption is supposed to be some sort of flow of consciosness journalism style?

  2. whatever the school of reporting this writer went to should be sued for failure to produce a competent person. and that’s NOT a policeman sitting on top of the ‘shopper’. it looks more like a security guard.

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