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Posted by on Sep 13, 2009 in Greg | 4 comments

Don Snoop Doggleone

Yoostar have stopped serving these videos on their web site. If anyone knows whre we can find a copy, I’d appreciate a link in the comments. Ta.

The erstwhile and urbane Mr. Dogg, has (seemingly) given his official endorsement to an intriguing new device recently launched in the States. Called Yoostar, the system is the movie equivalent of karaoke, and allows the average Joe or Snoop to digitally insert themselves into scenes from a number of movies.

Here the Dogg-man shows off the Italian in him, playing a classic Marlon Brando scene from The Godfather. Be sure to switch to the “Original Clip” to compare Snoops’ performance against that of Brando.

Here’s another Yoostar sample. This time more true to life as Snoop slots very naturally into this stoner scene with Cheech Marin from Up In Smoke:

Far more believable that time Snoop.

Jokes aside, the technology that allows this to happen is available for home users in the US (have not been able to find a local SA supplier yet) and is billed on their website as “the next wave in social entertainment — an immersive, incredibly fun experience that brings together the movies and TV you love with personal video creation, online sharing and social networking.

When you buy a Yoostar system, you get a specially-designed web cam, a “professional-grade special effects” green screen and stand, remote control, and Yoostar software. The system comes with an initial set of scenes. More well-known scenes are available for purchase and download from the Yoostar website.

Let me know when/ if you have a Yoostar system, and send us a link to your staring roles!


  1. All you need is a rocket experience!

  2. Snoop as the Don = #fail

    Snoop as the Doper = #score

    Yoostar sounds like a good laugh.

    I coulda been a contender!

  3. This video is no longer available……..bummer dude!

  4. Strange. Must be your fancy Neohell connection – I can still see them. Might be cached though, will check on a different machine later…


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