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Posted by on Sep 23, 2009 in Entertainment, Life, Voted | 10 comments

Dinner Was Good – Signature 21

Signature 21 LogoAs posted yesterday we had a dinner date with good freinds last night. It was at Signature 21, the “practical” restaurant run by students at the Swiss Hotel School in Ferndale.

Dinner was a four course affair with wines supplied by Tukulu Wines. I would firstly like to say that considering the evening was put together by students, overall the experience was better than some “professional” restaurants I have frequented.

Yet, there are always points that could do with improvement. These might seem small but will one day make the difference between success or failure.

The starter was a Haloumi and Avocado salad, with asparagus. All seven people at our table commented at the lack of visible avo on the plate. We are all keen avo eaters and were expecting more from this dish.

That was followed by a butternut soup. No faults to report, so that’s a good thing. The mains were either Pan fried pork chops, a veg dish that no one ordered or rump steak with veg and potato wedges.

The steaks were good but not brilliant, this had more to do with the product as apposed to the preparation as the cuts had some sinew in them. Yet they were juicy and cooked as requested. The pork chops looked a little thin to me also, but no one had a complaint so once again that’s a good thing!

The dessert was a Malva pudding, something I am not normally mad about, but it was very good and everybody finished their serving. Overall I give them a thumbs up and wish the young entertainers the best in their future endeavours!

I would suggest that you give them a chance, the restaurant forms part of their last year practical and is running until 11 October.


  1. Now I'm hungry! Sounds delish.

    • It was, so am I!

    • It was Dizzy! If you're in the area it's well worth the evening out. They'll even do a 2-course lunch in 45 minutes, and are also doing fresh deli-style sandwich deliveries to the area.

      Check the link in Voted's post for details.

  2. Thanks for trekking out last night! Was a lot of fun, and great to see you and the Mrs.

    Want to add my thanks & well done's to the SHS students as well. Was a good evening all round!

    • Thanks for the invite!

  3. It's a great idea for giving students a venue to practice their skills.

    • Experience cannot be bought or taught!

  4. Certainly sounds like it is worthy of a visit.

    • Well worth the couple of bucks!

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