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Posted by on Aug 8, 2011 in News, South Africa, Voted | 0 comments

Did the ARMS DEAL fund BEE in South Africa?

The reoccurring arms deal investigation saga has got my brain spinning…Why with so much smoke is a fire not being investigated?

Just GOOGLE the term and see how many articles there are about it…..

Saab admits secret arms-deal payments : A R24-million commission was hidden from Saab by its partner, BAE Systems.
The house the arms deal bought : Arms-deal middleman Fana Hlongwane financed a R4-million home for General Siphiwe Nyanda when Nyanda prepared to step down as defence force chief.

BAE’s ‘bribery’ channel : Documents reveal the cunning origin of the British arms company’s system used to channel alleged kickbacks to South African arms deal ‘advisers’.

Could it be that the Alleged bribery funds have been used to fund BEE deals? After all where has all the money come from to turn struggle heroes into Billionaire Businessman?

I am no fantastic investigative journalist, more a conspiracy theorist, yet I have not found it difficult to find damming information about these transactions freely available on the interweb….maybe one should not believe all that is on the web, but hey, who is proving these facts to be false or true?

Many agreed bribe allegations, pay offs, inflated commissions etc…..

British and German investigators suspect that bribes of over one billion rand were paid to facilitate the deal.Jacob Zuma, Thabo Mbeki, Schabir Shaik and his brother Chippy Shaik and the late Joe Modise have all been mentioned. Andrew Feinstein, an ANC Member of Parliament and the former African National Congress leader of Parliament’s public accounts watchdog Scopa, resigned when the party moved to curtail investigations into the arms deal. He wrote a book called After the Party with an insider’s view of the process.

Whistleblower Patricia de Lille alleged in Parliament that she had evidence of three payments by warship supplier Thyssen-Krupp on January 29, 1999, each of R500,000, to the ANC, to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund and to the Community Development Foundation, a Mozambique charity associated with Mandela’s wife, Graça Machel.

Take a look at some of these DEAL ORGANOGRAMS…….

Paints a very interesting political picture. Almost seems as if the NEW GAURD was trying to financially catch up with the OLD GAURD…. The previous AFRIKAANER BROEDERBOND was known for it’s boetie boetie business style….

Parliament’s oversight Standing Committee on Public Accounts (Scopa) has confirmed that it will write a letter to Hawks boss Anwar Dramat, to find out what steps the unit will take over new allegations regarding the arms deal.

The Hawks have announced that they will re-open an investigation into the deal in the light of the new allegations.

An audit report conducted by a German company Ferrostaal, revealed last week that R300 million had been paid to secure a stake in the multi-billion rand contract.

The new allegations came just months after claims that Swedish company Saab, paid former defence ministry advisor Fana Hlongwane  R24 million in bribes.

Scopa’s chairman Themba Godi said, “The Hawks must follow up on this new evidence the same way they have done with the evidence of Sweden. In terms of the media reports, the company says it is more than ready to assist the South African authorities with information and evidence.” EWN

The political power brushing this under the rug seems to be so powerful it even arranged for the disbanding of our crack investigative SCORPIONS…so what are the chances the HAWKS will make anything of it…..

On 23 October 2008, the South African parliament officially abolished the Scorpions. The vote was 252 in favour with 63 against. Preparations are being made for the remaining Scorpions members to start work in the Police’s Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (DCPI).This unit is known as the Hawks. Subsequently, the Hawks shut down the probe the Scorpions had been conducting into bribery among Zuma allies in a multibillion-rand arms deal.

After all Thabo Mbeki stepped down from power without even as much as a bad word about the process, early retirement? Or a settlement?

Having “made it a point not to contest this decision” of the ANC NEC that Mbeki was no longer fit to lead South Africa,[83] he formally announced his resignation on 21 September 2008, at 19:30 South African time (17:30 UTC), as a result of the ANC National Executive Committee‘s decision no longer to support him in parliament. This came a few days after the dismissal of a trial against ANC President Jacob Zuma on charges of corruption due to procedural errors. Allusions were made in the ruling to possible political interference by Mbeki and others in his prosecution. Parliament convened on 22 September and accepted his resignation with effect from 25 September; however, because an MP for the Freedom Front opposition party declared his objection to the resignation, a debate was set to take place the following day.

So you tell me……..Have the South African citizens paid for the NEW BROEDERBOND…….

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