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Posted by on Oct 23, 2012 in Music | 0 comments

Depeche Mode World Tour & New Album Press Conference

Today in Paris at 13:30, the members of Depeche Mode will gather before the assembled music press to announce some of their plans for their next tour and to give fans some insight into the release of their 13th studio album.

The press conference will be live streamed from 13:30CAST/CEST (France and South Africa are presently on the same time) via the bands’ official web site ( and possibly via their official YouTube channel as well ( If it does go to YT, we’ll try to get the stream going here as well.

This is a recording of the full press conference. It begins with an untitled new song from the album accompanying visuals of the band at work in the studio. It rocks.

The band has suggested that there will be some “exciting news” announced at the presser which has led to fan sites, message boards, Facebook and Twitter all becoming Rumourville again as people try to guess at the nature of the “exciting news”.

Some of the suggestions and the likelihood of them happening:

  • This will be the final Depeche Mode album. Unlikely. They wouldn’t announce this before the album release in April 2013
  • Ex band member Alan Wilder is returning to Depeche Mode.  Very unlikely. There may be news of future collaborations, remixes, guest appearances, but to suggest AW will return as a full band member is naive.
  • The new album will be a double album – the first ever DM studio double album.  Possible, but unlikely. DM have become masters at producing a variety of versions of their work. The last album Sounds of the Universe for example was avaialble as a standard single disc, or a 2-CD or 3-CD package.
  • The new album will see Depeche returning to their record company roots as they rejoin Mute Records.  Quite possible. Daniel Miller (Mute founder, and credited with being the first to sign DM to a label in 1980) has been seen around Paris. Also, the bands’ 3 year EMI contract expired end of 2011, and whilst Mute is now an EMI owned label, it does continue to function as a separate label. Both Dave Gahan and Martin Gore have released their solo efforts under the Mute label.
  • The new album will be called Omega or Phantom or 13 or 2013 or Music for the Masses Part 2. All guesses  at the new album title are exactly that: guesses. Personally, I think there might be a reference to the number 13 n there somewhere.

There has been a flood of dates, venues and posters surfacing in the past 48 hours. Some of these seem genuine, some not. I’ll hold off on the speculation – you can get that in buckets elsewhere – and report on the official info once the conference concludes.

I will be watching the audience as much as the band though, in the hopes of spotting a familiar face from a certain big South African concert promotions company.

[this post is being made on behalf of modesa a brand-new Depeche Mode fan site for South Africas. it’s so brand new it isn’t even ready to be launched yet though.

you can however follow modesa via their Twitter Account to which they’ll be posting live updates throughout the press conference, and find modesa on Facebook as well, where there’ll be regular news and info updates, as well as news of their web site development progress]

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