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Posted by on Mar 27, 2011 in Featured, Music | 4 comments

Depeche Mode Remixes 2: 81-11 out in June

remixes-81-11After months of online speculation and discussion, synth-electro-rock legends Depeche Mode have finalised the track-listing and release date for their second remix compilation album. Remixes 2: 81-11 will showcase the bands continuing relevance and influence with remixes covering their entire 30-year long career being produced by a number of significant remixologists.

Clarke & Wilder ‘Back’ With Depeche Mode

Notable amongst those that have contributed remixed versions of Depeche Mode songs are both of the former members of the band: Vince Clarke and Alan Wilder. DMR2 will mark the first time that the three existing members of Depeche Mode (Dave Gahan, Martin Gore and Andy Fletcher) as well as the two former members ‘perform’ on the same album, albeit in only remixed versions of songs and only on the 3-disc collection of remixes.

Clarke, who left the band after the release of their 1981 debut album Speak & Spell, went on to work with Alison Moyet in Yazoo before joining Andy Bell to form Erasure. His contribution to the DMR2 compilation is a new reworking of “Behind the Wheel”.

Wilder, who replaced Clarke, was with the band until 1995 after which he left to concentrate on his Recoil project. He adds a remix of “In Chains” (taken from DM’s 2009 studio album Sounds of the Universe) to the new collection.

Depeche Mode have been at the forefront of remix culture for the best part of three decades and this new compilation includes classic mixes from M83, UNKLE, Trentemøller, François Kervorkian and Dan The Automator, alongside all-new mixes from Stargate, Eric Prydz, Karlsson & Winnberg (from Miike Snow) and Röyksopp. In addition to this, the expanded editions include exclusive remixes by former band members Vince Clarke and Alan Wilder – the first time either artist has remixed tracks for their former colleagues.


Reach Out & Touch Faith

Remixes 2: 81-11 will be available in two different CD formats: a 13-track Single Disc version and a 37-track Triple Disc version, as well as via Download and as a limited edition 6 x 12” vinyl LP box set. Remixes 2 is set for release on 06 June.

Highlights from the selection of classic mixes include reworkings of “Dream On” from 2001’s Exciter, “Suffer Well”, “John the Revelator” and “A Pain That I’m Used To” from 2005’s Playing The Angel and “In Chains”, “Peace” and “Wrong” from Sounds Of The Universe.

New mixes include “Tora! Tora! Tora!” and “Puppets” from the debut Speak And Spell, “Never Let Me Down Again” and “Behind The Wheel” from Music For The Masses and “A Question Of Time” from 1986’s Black Celebration. The remix albums will be led by a single release of “Personal Jesus” from 1990’s Violator album – it remains to been seen which of the three remix versions of the song will make the single grade though.

Here’s one of my favourite versions of “Personal Jesus” made when the band performed live on Later Live With Jools Holland in 2009:


30 Years & 95 Million Albums Later

Depeche Mode belongs to a select premier league of groups who have survived from the early 1980s with their ideals, creative vision and core members intact. Formed in 1981, Depeche Mode – Martin Gore, Dave Gahan and Andy ‘Fletch’ Fletcher – continue to win critical and commercial acclaim across the world both in the studio and on the road.

All of the band’s 12 studio albums have reached the Top Ten in not only the UK and USA but 20 plus countries around the world including Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, and Belgium. All told the band has sold more than 95 million albums worldwide.

Depeche Mode Remixes 2: 81-11 Full Track Listings

1-Disc version:

  1. Depeche Mode does Jools HollandDream On – Bushwacka Tough Guy Mix Edit (2001)
  2. Personal Jesus – The Stargate Mix (2011)
  3. Suffer Well – M83 Remix (2006)
  4. John The Revelator – UNKLE Reconstruction (2006)
  5. In Chains – Tigerskin’s No Sleep Remix Edit (2011)
  6. Peace – SixToes Remix (2009)
  7. Tora! Tora! Tora! – Karlsson And Winnberg (from Miike Snow) Remix (2011)
  8. Never Let Me Down Again – Eric Prydz Remix (2011)
  9. I Want It All – Roland M.Dill Remix (2011)
  10. Wrong – Trentemøller Remix (2009)
  11. Puppets – Röyksopp Remix (2011)
  12. Everything Counts – Oliver Huntemann And Stephan Bodzin Dub (2006)
  13. A Pain That I’m Used To – Jacques Lu Cont Remix (2005)

3-Disc version:

Disc 1:

  1. Dave does Rock GodDream On – Bushwacka Tough Guy Mix (2001)
  2. Suffer Well – M83 Remix (2006)
  3. John The Revelator – UNKLE Reconstruction (2006)
  4. In Chains – Tigerskin’s No Sleep Remix (2011)
  5. Peace – SixToes Remix (2009)
  6. Lilian – Chab Vocal Remix Edit (2006)
  7. Never Let Me Down Again – Digitalism Remix (2006)
  8. Corrupt – Efdemin Remix (2009)
  9. Everything Counts – Oliver Huntemann And Stephan Bodzin Dub (2006)
  10. Happiest Girl – The Pulsating Orbital Vocal Mix (1990)
  11. Walking In My Shoes – Anandamidic Mix (1993)
  12. Personal Jesus – The Stargate Mix (2011)
  13. Slowblow – Darren Price Mix (1997)

Disc 2:

  1. Andy does Keyboard WizardryWrong – Trentemøller Club Remix (2009)
  2. World In My Eyes – Dub In My Eyes (1990)
  3. Fragile Tension – Peter Bjorn and John Remix (2009)
  4. Strangelove – Tim Simenon/Mark Saunders Remix (1988)
  5. A Pain That I’m Used To – Jacques Lu Cont Remix (2005)
  6. The Darkest Star – Monolake Remix (2006)
  7. I Feel You – Helmet At The Helm Mix (1993)
  8. Higher Love – Adrenaline Mix Edit (2004)
  9. Fly On The Windscreen – Death Mix (1985)
  10. Barrel Of A Gun – United Mix (1997)
  11. Only When I Lose Myself – Dan The Automator Mix (1998)
  12. Ghost – Le Weekend Remix (2009)

Disc 3:

  1. Martin does Keith RichardsPersonal Jesus – Alex Metric Remix Edit (2011)
  2. Never Let Me Down Again – Eric Prydz Remix (2011)
  3. Behind The Wheel – Vince Clarke Remix (2011)
  4. Leave In Silence – Claro Intelecto ‘The Last Time’ Remix (2011)
  5. In Chains – Alan Wilder Remix (2011)
  6. When The Body Speaks – Karlsson And Winnberg Remix (2011)
  7. Puppets – Röyksopp Remix (2011)
  8. Tora! Tora! Tora! – Karlsson And Winnberg (from Miike Snow) Remix (2011)
  9. Freestate – Clark Remix (2011)
  10. I Want It All – Roland M. Dill Remix (2011)
  11. A Question Of Time – Joebot Presents ‘Radio Face’ Remix (2011)
  12. Personal Jesus – Sie Medway-Smith Remix (2011)


  1. Never realised just how long they’ve been around for. Personally I wasn’t that impressed by their last album but would still splash out some dollars for this remix collection – DM remixes are nearly always excellent.

  2. Oh, and I’ve just discovered the tags things that come up when you hover over the images. That last one is classic: Martin does Keith Richards! Love it 🙂

    • It’s a screen shot from the Jools Holland Live video in the post. He looks like that for a second or two, and as I was watching the video the KR similarity struck me. Also it must be said that Martin has aged considerably worse than Dave (and Fletch for that matter).

      Especially when you consider that Gahan was at death’s door after his foray into heroin addiction not so many years ago, he is looking really fit and healthy here in comparison.

      All that bleaching and peroxide has caused some serious issues over on Martins’ side of the stage though….

  3. Since writing this post up, I have discovered that the Stargate Mix of Personal Jesus will be the one released as the ‘single’. Also, DM’s Facebook page will be streaming a track per week from the Remix album.

    The first one is a different version of Personal Jesus – the Alex Metric Remix. Stream it from here: (you’ll have to Like the DM Page first though…)

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