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Posted by on Mar 3, 2009 in Music, Video | 3 comments

Depeche Mode Official Video of “Wrong”

DM have officially released their new video for “Wrong” on YouTube! In high-definition nogal too πŸ™‚

The video, which looks like it was shot in Los Angeles, gradually reveals the sorry story of the lead character being in “the wrong place, at the wrong time” and is, in my opinion, a mini-movie masterpiece!

“Wrong” is the first single to be released from the new Mode album “Sounds of the Universe” which is scheduled for release in early April.


  1. Slow Neotel connection so cannot see video tonight, will check at work tomorrow. Did you see the new U2 video for the album out today!!!!!!

  2. Nice one Kev. They did "Get On Your Boots" at the Grammys as well – did you see that one?

    The one in your comment is from the same awards show as the Depeche performance in my previous post – Echo 2009. Those Germans sure throw a good party!

  3. Looks like a good music month for us!!

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