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Posted by on Sep 30, 2011 in Live, Music | 11 comments

Deadmau5 Live in South Africa Tour Details

Deadmau5 Sa TourAll the details confirmed a little earlier today, and here they are:

deadmau5 the Canadian progressive, electro and house music producer based in Toronto and known around the world for his over the top live performances, is coming to South Africa for 3 shows in December!

deadmau5 will perform at

  • Ratanga Junction in Cape Town on Thursday, 1st December,
  • The Wavehouse in Durban (unhooked) on Friday, 2nd December,
  • Wildwaters H2O in Johannesburg on Saturday, 3rd December

Tickets go on sale from Monday, 3rd October via Computicket.

deadmau5 South Africa Tour 2011 Ticket Prices

Ratanga Junction – Cape Town – Thursday, 1st December

  • General Access Pre Sale  R300
    General Access Door – R350
    VIP Pre Sale  R400
    VIP Door  R500

Wavehouse – Durban  (unhooked) – Friday, 2nd December

  • General Access Pre Sale  R300
    General Access Door – R350

Wild Waters H20 – Johannesburg – Saturday, 3rd December

  • General Access Pre Sale R330
    General Access Door – R380
    VIP Pre Sale R430
    Vip Door  R480
    V-VIP  R1500

The show is brought to you by Olmeca Tequila with Anything Goes, H2O and Showtime Management as the show’s producers.  Support acts info is still to be confirmed. Once it is we’ll share it with you too.

Need some deadmau5 online audio inspiration while you’re slaving away in front of the screen? No mp3 files on your iPad? Fear not party-peoples. SoundCloud is your friend!

Check out Joels’ SoundCloud collection here:

Here’s the deadmau5 track (as a work-in-progress) that’s been ear-worming me all day…

Raise Your Weapin (Album Version) work in progress by fuckmylife

Remember to check out our original tour announcement post (deadmau5 south africa tour 2011) for links to all the social media sites and news updates for the deadmau5 tour of South Africa


  1. Can anyone tell me what the advantages of are of getting VIP or V-VIP tickets?

    And also, what does the “Unhooked” bit for the Durban show mean??

    • Hiya Louise

      Benefits of VIP and V-VIP tickets you ask? Here you go:

      With Cape Town VIP you get more space, more bars, more toilets and better views of the stage.

      With JHB VIP you get two amazing VIP areas situated on the water’s edge with breath-taking views of the entire party and the main stage. There will be two VIP sections on either side of the main dance floor and wave pool, both areas being equally spectacular and spacious; VIP’S will also get to enjoy a delicious lunch buffet served with complimentary champagne and their own private VIP toilets. These sections are equipped with loads of shady spots to relax, fine mist sprayers to keep you cool as the party heats up, plus your own private and fully stocked bars. There will be special VIP parking meters from the party door. Please be aware that this parking is on a first come first serve basis so please arrive early to secure your spot and avoid disappointment. Your VIP armband also gets you into the H2O after party excluding the Nicci Beach V-VIP area!

      With JHB V VIP you get a V VIP area situated in the heart of H2O on the fabulous Nicci Beach Deck with a front row view of the main dance floor and the main stage. R1, 500. 00 gets you into this superior area where complete comfort is yours with comfy seating, shading and fine mist sprayers to keep you cool as the day heats up. V VIP ticket holders will also enjoy complementary drinks (Including a wide selection of premium brands) for the entire day served from open till close. Delicious food will be served throughout the day, or take a look at the Nicci Beach menu and order whatever you feel like at the time. Enjoy secure parking at the party entrance meters away from the door, V-VIP’s also have their own private toilets which will be kept spotlessly clean and fresh the entire day. The V-VIP Band gets you into the H2O Nicci Beach after party.

      And no, I didn’t make all that up myself. It’s direct from the official tour site event info.

      As for your other question regarding “Unhooked’ at Durban, check my answer to Shaun just below…

  2. What do they mean by the Durban show will be “unhooked” ????

    • Hey Shaun (and Louise again!)

      deadmau5 is known for performing live with a huge LED Cube (you can see it on the left of my post image up above). The Wavehouse venue is simply too small to accommodate the rig, and Joel will perform his set there without The Cube.

      Essentially, an Unhooked show is a show where deadmau5 doesn’t use all the bells and whistles that he normally uses in concert at larger venues. An Unhooked show just means a smaller show with less lights and special effects. Many deadmau5 fans actually feel that his Unhooked shows are a much more personal experience. Just Joel, his decks, and his fans.

      It’s the reason there’s no VIP in Durban, and also why the Durban show is sandwiched between Cape Town and Joburg – the rig needs a day to move between locations and to be set up for early start on Saturday.

      Check out this video of him in San Diego last year when he launched the whole “Unhooked” tour. It’s day time, outdoors and people are having a party. I don’t think you’ll have any problems with the show in Durban.

      NSFW Warning – Be advised that this video (or at least the last 30 seconds of it) may be not suitable for work:

  3. So will VVIP be the very best option to be closest to the stage .. And also how many are available?

  4. Hey also enjoyed my visit here! Lekka bla bla.. Music is my thing! I’m Tiny by the way..

    • Welcome to TBBB Tiny. Happy to have you pop past and say howdy.

      Been over to your blog to see what you’re all about and am digging the tone that you write with (not so much the youff kultcha typing/spelling/language thing, but you’re young still, and I’m a frikken grammar nazi! 🙂 )
      Want to wish you the best with your site – it’s always a challenge to get something new up and running but it looks like you are well on the way!
      Stay in touch – maybe we can do a bit of guest posting sometime…

      Oh, and as for the “I’m tiny by the way” thing – look, it’s no shame. Ladies always tell me that it’s not the size so much as how you use it that really counts! Although they’ve never actually told me that personally you understand. I’m not tiny. I’m huge!

      • lol i understand bla bla, wen i type my messages im chilled and relaxed i dont wana stress my brain out with all that grammer s***t no offence, i will keep in touch laka keep well

      • hey bla bla thanks for the welcome sorry forgot to add that to my first message laka

  5. Hiii,I’ve got my ticket for durban:)
    Am not worried bout anythng I jst wana c deamau5:)I also need to no what tme the show ends because they dnt show it on the ticket or on the computicket website.

  6. Is anyone looking to for 3 JHB tickets? I have 3 VIP which I need to get rid of desperately.
    Contact me on scmpon @ gmail . com


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