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Posted by on Nov 30, 2011 in Advertising, Featured, Video | 0 comments

Christmas Advertising Done Right

Who likes Christmas advertising? Thought so.

The ridiculous adults in elf costumes; the plink-plonk of a cheap Casio keyboard renditions of “Silent Night” and “Jingle Bells”; the gaudy streams of tinsel spelling the pseudo-word “Xmas” in shop windows.

Makes me cringe and shudder.

Perhaps then this extended advert for John Lewis, the UK department store group, may help to change your mind somewhat about it. I wouldn’t mind Christmas advertising so much if it was all like this:

The fact that the music used in the ad is a cover of an old Smiths song (“Please, please, please let me get what I want”, covered by Slow Moving Millie) doesn’t hurt either.

Also, it makes a damn fine argument for not buying your Christmas gifts too early in the season.

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