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Posted by on Sep 5, 2010 in Families, Food & Drink, Life, Outdoors, South Africa | 1 comment

Chisa Nyama! Braai 4 Heritage on 24 September

Braai4Heritage - Chisa Nyama on 24 September Aweh Bru’s! The time to Braai the Beloved Country is once again almost upon us.

Jan Braai (@janbraai) and the crew over at are again drumming up support for the annual Braai4Heritage campaign.  Besides the fact that we’re giving you ample warning to get your kak sorted out in time, Heritage Day falls on a Friday this year, so you have no excuse but to get involved!

The Arch Desmond Tutu is still the official patron of the day, and as he said at the Braai4Heritage braai conference in 2008, “We have 11 official languages, but only one word for this wonderful thing – braai! We can all get together irrespective of race or politics. Just South Africans doing one thing together and recognising what a fantastic nation we really are.

As a nod to the “stop destroying our trees” braaiers, use gas if it’s a skottel on your 5th floor apartment balcony or if you’re at the cricket. Otherwise use wood. But if it has to be wood, try to make it black wattle. As the Braaictionary tells us, black wattle is an alien vegetation that sucks up a moer lot of precious water when alive. So it is good for the environment to chop it down and braai with it. It’s a versatile braai wood, burns easily when dry, and makes decent coals.

Heck, there’s even a tune to get the jol going available for free download. The chart topping song “Our Heritage (also known as the ‘Braai Day Song’) was released in time for last years’ event but it is still available to us all. Performed by Die Heuwels Fantasties, JR, HHP and The Soweto Gospel Choir, it is yours to keep and play as much as possible.

Here’s the video, filmed whilst the song was being recorded:

And once the sun as set and the Klippies gets to work on your wit-man-kan-mos-dans mood, hook yourself up with the awesome French Rave remix of Our Heritage put together by David Anderson and his Who Killed JR?/Next of Kin remixing project partner James Smith.

Now don’t go be a tjop and forget it: Friday, 24 September = National Heritage Day = National Braai4Heritage Day.

Chisa Nyama & May The Wors Be With You!

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  1. Sounds like a plan of note China

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