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Posted by on May 2, 2012 in EdsPick2, Featured, Wildlife | 1 comment

Cheetah Cubs: Live Birth Webcam


Oh the things that the internet allows us to experience!

Wildlife webcam specialists have got together with the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) to bring us another world first via the miracle of live streaming video over the internet.

One of the HESC resident females named Salome is expecting to deliver her first litter of cubs within the next few hours, and Africam have set up a webcam with night view capabilities right inside the Cheetah Maternity House at the HESC.

In addition to being destined to become an internet star, Salome is also a very special cheetah as she carries the King Cheetah gene. King cheetahs are a rare mutation of cheetah, identified by unique markings down the cat’s back which look like long stripes instead of the normal spots. In this particular case though Salome did not mate with a male who also carries the gene, so there sadly won’t be any king cheetahs in her litter.

The camera will be kept running 24/7 to track the birth and then will be kept in place so that viewers can watch the new born cubs grow, play and learn.

In addition to keeping an eye on the live webcam feed, you can also keep track of the progress of mother and cubs by Liking Africam On Facebook or Follow Africam On Twitter for real time updates.

Oh, and the webcam feed also includes a live audio stream as well. In the event that your computer speakers start emitting high-pitched screaming sounds it’ll probably be the sound of momma cat in the process of childbirth!

1 Comment

  1. And literally as I post this, cub number 1 has emerged!! Incredible.


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