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Posted by on Sep 1, 2009 in Random | 6 comments

Changes in Smoking Laws Will Have Big Impact

No Smoking If you are part of the 22% of adult South Africans that continue to smoke, or run a venue where smoking is allowed, best you be aware that a couple of new elements of the Tobacco Act were signed into law yesterday, and become effective immediately.

First off, the Act now makes it illegal for adults to smoke in a car where there is a child under 12. That’s a huge one!

From a manufacturers point, the way for picture warnings such as diseased lungs on cigarette packs is now open, although this element will probably only filter down to markets towards the end of the year.

Fines for smoking, or for allowing smoking in a non-smoking area, are also increased with immediate effect. The fine for the owner of a restaurant, pub, bar or workplace that breaches any aspect of the smoking laws was now a maximum of R50 000, and for the individual smoker R500.

Smoking is now also illegal in "any partially enclosed" public places (areas like covered patios, verandas, balconies in apartment buildings, covered walkways and parking lots.)

Another big one – because I know of a number of educator types that smoke at work in designated "smoking areas" – is that no smoking is allowed on premises (including private homes!) that are used for commercial childcare activities, or for schooling or tutoring – I;m not entirely certain how this one may affect universities, private colleges and the like though.

Finally, not yet finalised, but definitely in the pipeline for the near future are further extensions to the laws to keep smoking away from entrances to buildings (ain’t that gonna suck for many!), and to restrict it in sports stadiums, on railway platforms, at bus stops and in fully outdoor areas where food is served.

The anti-smoking lobby is obviously going to be well pleased with themselves.


  1. I am the first in the line to say WELL DONE! Smoking is a disgusting habit that should be banned all-together. The smoking in cars with children is a biggie, as well as children seated in smoking areas in restaurants! And yes, I am an ex-smoker and I also happen to sell tobacco products.

  2. How interesting that our government is so efficient at dealing with smokers. Would that they'd be as efficient in dealing with what I believe are slightly more pressing issues this country faces.

  3. As a guy who works occassionally in a bar, I heard something about another bit of the law that restaurant and pub owners should be aware of. Soemthing about fines of R100K if they force employees to work in smoking environement against their will?

    Can anyone confirm this?

  4. I am a heavy smoker and I think the new laws are great news. Although I love smoking, I don't think that anyone should be subjected to my fumes, least of all children. It is common sense not to smoke in your car when there is a child in it.

  5. ok i agree…but come on now…why dont they stop flippin worrying about smoking and worry about things like drugs that are killing our youth and drinking thats killing more people daily than smoking is…..more children are getting harmed by abusive alcoholuc parents and parents who are drugged up most of the day…smoking should be the least of their worries…damn wat about crime…use the money they using on promoting these new smoking laws on getting more cops out there to stop the damn crime…id rather know my kids are safe from murderers and rapists more than my smoking habits….

  6. Even when I was smoking, we never smoked in front of our kids, never in the house, not even in the car! At least govament is doing something right!

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