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Posted by on Oct 14, 2010 in Video | 2 comments

Chainsaw Maid – Clay Animation Horror Movie

An upfront warning: As cute as this stop-motion clay animation clip seems initially, it is nothing of the sort. They may be clay figurines, but this is not an episode of Wallace and Gromit. There is no vocal track, but the animation is graphic, violent, gross and bloody. (Or at least as bloody as you can get with Plastacine.) Watch it for it’s creativity and the brilliant execution of the art form, but not with the little ones around.

Created by Japanese student animator Takena NagaoChainsaw Maid” – as disgusting as it is – deserves to be seen if only to be able to tell others that you have.

Posted to YouTube by takena back in December 2007, the clip has since received almost 2,500,000 views. A lot of those views are very recent due to the fact that Youtube chose the video as a Spotlight Video this week, and also because Takena is about to release a DVD of the video. Presumably with a continuation of the story: the Dad has been bitten by a zombie. Does he turn into one of the living dead? Does Chainsaw Maid go on to conquer the zombie hordes? And what happens to the little girl?

I would love your thoughts on the video. Is it art, and does it merit the attention it has been getting? Or is it purely gratuitous garbage of the lowest form?


  1. yeah….all japanese scary movie make me sick for a week


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