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Posted by on Aug 19, 2009 in Random | 3 comments

Car Advert Wars circa 2006

Had a chat with some students a week or two back about competitive advertising in South Africa, and the clever ways some agencies have circumvented the Advertising Standards Authority regulations in the past. (Anyone remember BMW “Beating the Bends” on Chapman’s Peak?)

Coincidentally, I received this set of cars ads earlier today. Marked as “The best ad war in recent memory”, the sequence of print ads captures the spirit of clever advertising perfectly. (I can’t vouch for the authenticity of last one in the series though.)

BMW started things off with this advertisement:BMW Ad (Click to enlarge) Audi were quick with their response:Audi Ad (Click to enlarge) Subaru felt the need to get involved in the game of one-upmanship:Subaru Ad (Click to enlarge)It all ended with the Chairman of Bentley having the last word:Bentley Ad (Click to enlarge)Got to love a man with a bit of class!


  1. Haha!! Classic. 😀 Have to find out if the Bentley ad is genuine. Somehow, I doubt it personally…

  2. I have seen this too, it must be genuine, if not only internet based…….

  3. Very funny ad (the Bently one). Think voted is right cos I'm sure I saw it on the net couple of years back.


  1. whats the song - [...] Car Advert Wars circa 2006 « The BlaBla Blog [...]

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