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Posted by on Sep 15, 2009 in Writing | 6 comments

caption me something beautiful

Ripped jeans, smiling at the seams makes me remember all our dreams. Colour streams and paper reams, we filled pages like fevered fiends.

My head spin-spins filling me with pin-pins (and needles.) Making me remember the elation equation…ink stained lovers touching under heated covers, breathless in our bareness spinning a web with crystal clarity reality.


  1. “ink stained lovers” = terrific imagery again. You got some serious talent there, Ms. Coke!

    • why thank you!

  2. Probably it is my technical trade school education, but I just don't get poetry. No offence Anna, it is nothing personal I promise. I just never have been able to at all.

    Here I was thinking that this was some sort of picture post that you wanted people to add or suggest a caption for… Slow, I know.

    • Do not worry about it, I know that some people won’t get it and that is fine. In the end I write for me, really.

      Not slow at all.

  3. Now Jo, don't be playing the old blame game here. You probably received a solid Model C education. Good for many. Even Julius managed to get through with a fine oratory skill.

    Anna, I reckon that if you put your words into rhyming couplets, through in the odd "nigga", "bitch" and "ho", and put it out with a beat box backing track, then JoBra would get it well enough.


    • Whitebread! u offend me?
      U who paid for my schooling?
      Y cant Y cant Y cant U see?
      U be de only one U be fooling!

      Or something like that! I’d probably be more offended if I knew what a rhyming couplet was. 😉

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