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Posted by on Sep 1, 2009 in Random | 6 comments

Canadian Refugee Information

Following my previous post on the White South  African refugee in Canada, I thought it good to look into the procedure, just in case, anyone decided to follow suite.

I found a couple of very informative websites. The resource is full of information covering the entire world so I started there. They categorise a refugee as follows:

Convention refugee

A Convention refugee is a person who is outside of their country of nationality or habitual residence and who is unable or unwilling to return to that country because of a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, political opinion, nationality or membership in a particular social group.

Locator map for Canada

Image via Wikipedia

I reckon if BlaBla was on the Board he would say I fit right into this group.

The site even gives you information on how to obtain health care and education as a refugee, cool hey! The one thing I am still looking for is the “what I am and what I am not allowed to do” section. Like, get a job, house, car, start a small arms import company, etc.

Does the Refugee status automatically mean permanent residence? I do see I can sponsor my family to come over once they approve me. Ok, I found it. You need to live in Canada for three consecutive years to get permanent residence. Easy. Why would I wanna leave? The application costs just $50 and can be done via the net on

The next thing is a job. This will help get money to buy food, clothing and shelter.  This kind of info is all listed nicely in plain English on the website under What assistance can refugees get in Canada?. The list is impressive. Jobs, housing, loans. Even a meet and greet service at the airport!

Now I ask you, why would you as a White, Male, South African not run to Canada? It is better than the immigration process.

That, my friends, will be for another blog post.

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  1. Nice, dude. Thanks. x

    • Thanks for the visit JO.

  2. Now being aware of this info, that is a damn good question you ask at the end there Voted. Will have to think this through a little more. Clearly something us s,w,m need to give some attention to.

    • Wait till CANADA realise there are more whites in SA, they will soon change their approval of refugee status.

  3. "why would you as a MALE WHITE SOUTH AFRICAN not run to CANADA?"

    Maybe cause it is crapper than both Australia and new Zealand, and only slightly better than the UK, to live there?

    • Extreme seasons I here from my nephews living there. There is also that little thing called USA under your country that makes you a sure target for the nukes….

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