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  1. Characters as in people in the story, or as in numbers of letters?

    • He walked through the door and inside he saw his wife and his best friend, they were both out of breath.

    • Number of letters including spaces and punctuation.

  2. They were sanding the floors as a surprise for him Voted?

    Good one.

    • With 46 characters to spare….

  3. Heck, this is not as easy as it sounds! Been trying a couple in breaks during workshops I'm busy with at the moment, and just can't get it right. 150 characters is not very much!

    Will keep at it and return with an epic novel on a pinhead soon!

  4. I am listening to Jeff Buckley at the moment so forgive for using his lyric (he got it right long before twitter)

    "Lipstick my name across your mirror. Blood red with flaked gunshot glitter…"

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