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Posted by on Nov 18, 2009 in Random | 2 comments

Button signs with Mclaren

WTF am I going to do next year? With 2 Poms in the team? I am torn between MERCEDES GP and Mclaren…..

Jenson Button will race alongside Lewis Hamilton at MCLAREN next year, as confirmed today.


  1. Easy solution to your dilemma – start supporting a real F1 team. Like Ferrari. And Phil "My Man" Massa.

    If Button is going to McLaren, where does that leave Kimi R? Last I heard he was headed to the McLaren seat? Do you think he'll land up with a Brawn/Merc GP drive in Buttons' place there maybe?

    • NEVER! DIE YOU FILTHY BASTARD!!!!!!! How could you!!!!! Kimi is going to RALLY, or just take the year off, FERARI have to still pay him his massive retainer next year…..

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