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Posted by on Sep 4, 2009 in Random | 6 comments

Bullshit advertising

Staying with the advertising theme.

I see this add every morning whilst eating my delicious bowl of KELLOGS ALL-BRAN (Yes a shameless punt).


The add tells how the use of NIVEAfor MEN DNAgeMOISTURISERwill help reduce aging and make you wadawadadawadadda….you get the picture I am sure. Then this little graph appears on the side with the arrow climbing up and up, demonstrating the creams ANTI-WRINKLE EFFICACY. Yes people EFFICACY, WTF?

Is that an actual word? Surely it’s a spelling mistake? Do they not mean EFFICIENCY? No, actually not. They, in my oppinion, would like you to think that word is efficiency, but they actually do mean EFFICACY. It is an actual word. explains the word as follows.

ef fi ca cy

–noun, plural -cies. capacity for producing a desired result or effect; effectiveness: a remedy of great efficacy. however has a much more comprehensive write up on this word. It brakes it down into different sectors, I think this one suits the sittuation the best


Main article: Intrinsic activity

In pharmacology, efficacy, or intrinsic activity, refers to the ability of a drugreceptor complex to produce a functional response.

It also goes on to explain the “concept” of EFFICACY as one of “If you forget to use it it stops working” So there could be NO long term benefits from this product because once you stop using it, it stops doing what it did…….

So is it misleading advertising or is it just what it is? It has capacity to create the desired effect, as long as you are using it………


  1. I'm so confused.

    On the one hand you're showing your age by giving so much attention to an anti-ageing cream.

    But on the other hand (Darren!) you're showing your youth by admitting that you had no idea that the word efficacy even exists, and by spelling the word efficiency wrong twice in the same paragraph!

    Have mailed you some links that may help…

  2. Kev and Gary *sigh* you boys have a lot to learn. As far as both effiency and efficacy go, the scales are tipped in favour of Cialis. Viagra requires much forethought, where Cialis allows for much youthful spontaneity …

    • Cin, one thing ladies should remember is that MEN are always thinking FORWARD if you get my drift!

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