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Posted by on Aug 17, 2009 in Random | 3 comments

Brilliant New Arrive Alive Ad Campaign

Arrive-Alive-Campaign-4-540x403Seags has uploaded a number of pictures from the new Arrive Alive Campaign – I think it’s brilliant! Aimed directly at the youth drinker, and placed in some very clever positions, the campaign really looks effective.

Go check it out here: New Arrive Alive Campaign, straight at the target audience (and don’t forget to tell him that we sent you!)

I’m really curious to hear where these ads are placed, so if you have/do come across any, please let me know…

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  1. A fab campaign! Wish someone will do a similar campaign for Namibia,… cause the youth just go cuckoo during school holidays and X-mas is just around the corner.

    Another campaign that would also be great, is driving under the influences of drugs,…

  2. Hey man, thanks for the link!

    I think they are some in Rivonia as well. When I am there again after a night of jolling I will take a pic or 2 and then remember not to drive home drunk.


  3. Very creative ads! Hope it is impactful

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