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Posted by on May 19, 2010 in BlaBla, Current Events, South Africa, Sport | 1 comment

Bravo to the SA Muslim Judicial Council

Wanna be bomber Abdullah Azzam al-Qahtani

Wanna be bomber Abdullah Azzam al-Qahtani

A round of applause and positivity being sent out to the Muslim Judicial Council South Africa this evening as we read notes on a statement made by the MJC’s national president, Moulana Ighsan Hendricks following news of the arrest of Abdullah al-Qahtani by Iraqi security officials announced on Monday.

Hendricks has lashed out at the planned attacks, saying al-Qaeda was a terrorist organisation that did not have the support of the vast majority of Muslims in South Africa.

SA Muslims are South Africans, we were born here, we have fought very hard against apartheid to attain democracy in this country, and our responsibility is to protect South Africa.

We will not allow anyone, be it al-Qaeda, a Palestinian, an Iraqi, a Pakistani, or even a verkrampte Boer, to destroy the peaceful existence in which we have been living with our fellow South Africans.

We are days away from the World Cup, and we cannot allow any terrorist group, including al-Qaeda, to bring its war into our country.

Abdullah Azzam Saleh Misfar al-Qahtani is a 30-year old Saudi national and a senior member of al-Qaeda who Baghdad security spokesman Major General Qassim al-Moussawi said on Monday was involved in a plot to attack next month’s World Cup soccer tournament in South Africa. al-Moussawi gave no details and offered no evidence for the claim and it was not possible to verify it. It is alleged that the arrest was made two weeks ago.

Moussawi, who reports to the prime minister’s office, said al-Qahtani was a former Saudi army lieutenant.

“He was planning to bomb the holy shrines in Najaf and Kerbala. And he was planning a terrorist act in South Africa during the World Cup based on plans issued by the central al Qaeda terrorist organization in coordination with Osama bin Laden’s first assistant, Ayman al-Zawahri,” Moussawi told a news conference in Baghdad.

Reports suggest Al-Qahtani was involved in the planning of attacks in Iraq which claimed the lives of 127 people last December, and about 36 victims earlier this year. He was also arrested by the US military in Iraq in 2007, but later released.

Details about the planned attack remain sketchy, as does the continued lack of clarification on the arrest. Why, for example, did the Iraqi authorities take two weeks to announce the arrest? And why are they still (as of yesterday at least) not in contact with the SA authorities?

Whatever the true circumstances and details turn out to be, we just want to make sure that all due props are sent to the MJC for making such a strong statement.

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