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Posted by on Jan 19, 2011 in Music | 13 comments

Bon Jovi To Tour South Africa in 2013

This is an old post. Click Here for the latest on the confirmed
Bon Jovi Tour to South Africa in 2013

NEWSFLASH #3: Friday, 26 October 2012

Stay close Jovi Fans. Real close. Some very, very, very good news is on its way very soon.

The Best Is About To Get A Whole Lot Bigger!
(Link to our update story here)

NEWSFLASH #2: Okay, big anti-climax for Bon Jovi fans. The promised announcement was made at 09:00 this morning and turns out that The Script will be visitng South Africa for 2 dates in June. Sorry BJ faithful, but there’s a bunch of happy little Scripters about this morning!

NEWSFLASH: Local concert promoters Big Concerts are promising an announcement tomorrow morning (Thursday, 23 February). Speculation that it will be the eventual official announcement of the Bon Jovi concerts here in South Africa is high at this stage. There are already a number of posts suggesting that “a little bird told me it’s them” all over the place. It seems that the delay in the announcement (if it is the one we’ve been expecting) was due to delays in sponsor agreements being finalised. Whatever the announcement is, we’ll bring you the details here as soon as they are available. In the meantime though, we’ll continue to try and get independent confirmation ourselves. Stay tuned rock fans!

Bon Jovi Live 2011 in South AfricaOkay now keep those panties on just a little longer girls (and boys so inclined) – this is NOT official right now, but…

…there are some serious rumours doing the rounds that Bon Jovi will add South Africa to their Bon Jovi Live 2011 world tour dates this year!

The Bon Jovi 2011 Tour (also known as Bon Jovi Live in North America and Bon Jovi Open Air in Europe) is the fourteenth concert tour by American rock band, Bon Jovi. Visiting several countries in North America and Europe, the tour will support the band’s sixth compilation album, The Greatest Hits. Described as the group’s most extensive tour, it follows The Circle Tour, which became the biggest tour of 2010.

Here are the puzzle pieces we’ve put together so far:

Clue #1 – Big Concerts Promise Four Big Announcements

“Four BIG announcements in the next few weeks. Three of them stadium shows – and one arena show! Stand by South Africa…” So said Big Concerts via their Facebook page in late November last year. Since then we’ve had announcements of tours from Roxette, Rammstein and Kings of Leon. Could Bon Jovi be the fourth of these BIG announcements? Bon Jovi are represented by Live Nation and Big Concerts is the local Live Nation partner, so they would most likely be involved in a visit by Jon, Richie, Tico, Hugh and David to our fair shores.

At the press briefing to announce tour dates in Europe recently, Live Nation’s Toby Leighton-Pope commented, “There is nothing quite like being at a high octane BON JOVI concert in the summer and their UK fans are in for a night to remember on June 25.’’

We are hoping that Big Concerts’ John Langford will be making a similar announcement in the near future too!

Clue #2 – Jon Bon Jovi Mentions Visiting South Africa

Jon Bon Jovi was the guest on CNN’s Larry King Live show in early December. The interview covered a wide range of topics, but ended with a conversation about holidays prompted by Larry King.

“We go everywhere from South America to South Africa to Israel for the first time on this tour,” says Jon when quizzed about touring and plans for the new year (i.e. 2011). Watch and listen from around the 1:35 mark.

Clue #3 – A Two Month Gap Appears in the Tour Schedule

Bon Jovi’s Official Live 2011 Tour site does not show any dates or venues for shows in the locations mentioned by Jon Bon Jovi in his Larry King interview (South America, South Africa and Israel). But, a full two month period (April and May 2011) without any dates at all is there. Could it be in this period that Bon Jovi visits South Africa we wonder?


Clue #4 – Bon Jovi Provisionally Booked Cape Town Stadium on 21 April 2011

Probably the clearest indication that something is indeed planned for South African Bon Jovi tour dates. Citing the Cape Town Stadium Report in their Twitter feed, Future Cape Town note that the report mentions “4 major concerts. U2, Neil Diamond, KoL and ….?” Their follow up tweet filled in the blanks: “Bon Jovi. Cape Town Stadium. 21 April 2011”.

So Bon Jovi is, it seems provisionally booked for Cape Town Stadium on 21 April 2011. It’s a Thursday, the day before the Good Friday public holiday. Could make for an excellent start to the very long weekend! Expect a date for a Johannesburg concert around the same time.

We’ll update this info as and when details and confirmations emerge. Remember where you read it!


  1. Did I not mention this last year?……you have way more proof than I did….All I had was the rumour from a certain Attie oke…..

    • LOL @ “…a certain Attie oke…”! I think that qualifies as Clue #0 actually 🙂

      It’s all still rumour, conjecture and guess-work at this stage. But if it is true then the official announcement can’t be too far away now – April is just around the corner.

  2. Another clue for you guys; on the official fanclub forum was announced that dates for may will be announced on 1 februari, three weeks of shows will be added, i’m pretty sure that those dates will include south africa!

    • Much appreciate that bit of info BJnl – thank you for sharing it.

      Any chance that you have a link to the forum or the announcement for us to follow?? Or was it made in the private Members Only fan club? If so, any chance you could screen grab an image of the post for us? If so, send it to us at

      • I’m afraid it’s not public and i’m not sure if it is allowed to screencap any bits of the site, the announcement was as follows:

        “A few weeks of shows are being added. Looking at May. Announce will be Feb 1″”

        • No problem at all BJnl – we understand. Thanks for coming back to us with the quote though, much appreciated!

  3. U2, Rammstein, Kings of Leon, a bunch of festivals and now maybe Bon Jovi as well? Sounds like it might be time to visit Saffer-land!?

    • Bring those $’s with you and spend them freely, and you’re most welcome!

  4. someone from soccer city (now fnb stadium) let the cat out the bag by saying bon jovi to visit sa later this year……

    • Hmmmm…. Still wondering whether it’s going to happen or not. Still no indication of anything official. Subsequent to the original post, the May dates have now pretty much been taken up by new shows in America. That leaves just April (which is getting very close very quickly) or dates after the June/July leg in Europe. The only problem with that is that it would be mid-Winter here at that time, and whether they’d do outdoor shows in the middle of winter is anybodies guess.

      We continue to hope…. 🙂

  5. Okay,so it needs to be asked by someone I guess: Umm, who is The Script??

  6. Okay, I really hope this happened, I recently emailed Big Concerts and that could not confirm that Bon Jovi are coming… but they didn’t flat out say no!


  7. Okay, I really hope this happens, I recently emailed Big Concerts and that could not confirm that Bon Jovi are coming… but they didn’t flat out say no!



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