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Posted by on Mar 22, 2011 in Arkadia, Featured, Humour, Music, News, Video | 8 comments

Bob Dylan and Rebecca Black get down on Friday

11 March 2011, 13 year old Rebecca Black uploads the new music video for her song “Friday” and wakes up the next morning to find that her video received a few hundred thousand views overnight! What she didn’t realize at that point was that the video went viral for all the wrong reasons: people hated it and she is now the internet’s latest meme!

How this video came to be: Rebecca Blacks’ parents thought it would be a good idea to give some money to the company “Ark Music Factory” to create a music video for her. So the company wrote the song, created the music and got the teen to robotically recite the incredibly “profound” lyrics so they could autotune it to death.

Accompanied by a badly shot video and a short rap verse sung by a random dude, who seems way too old to be shouting Rebecca’s name and thinking about fun, we now have the nauseating combination of all the right things to make a song go incredibly wrong.
Take a look at Rebecca Blacks’ “Friday”:

I would like to point out that what you have just witnessed is not much different to what studios do for the bigger pop stars. Both Ark Music Factory and the bigger studios create a product. They find people, dress them up, write some lyrics, autotune their voices and rake in the dollars.

The difference is that the bigger studios have the right budget and the right team to make a jingle seem catchy enough and to create more appealing (but equally meaningless) songs and videos.

To be fair to Rebecca Black, her voice is not that bad when you hear her sing without the auto tuning. I blame her parents for submitting her to a music factory instead of sending her to a music school where she could have voice training, and learn to play musical instruments, and find a deeper appreciation for authentic music created by artists in the true sense of the word.

People have been mercilessly making fun fun fun of this song all over the internet and there are tons of spoofs on YouTube!

Here are some:

But this is what I call #BI-WINNING: A Bob Dylan styled version of the song appeared on YouTube and it has been receiving a lot of positive feedback for turning a meaningless song into something profound. The way it is sung combined with the acoustic guitar, the song now seems to be symbolic of hardships in a time of war, or another popular take on the song is that it’s about the civil rights movement.

YouTubers quickly got creative and started commenting on the song, stating that this version of the song is actually the original song and that Rebecca Black did a cover of it and ruined it. It’s quite hilarious to see that many people actually believe the story and are now angry at Rebecca for destroying a Bob Dylan song (which is in fact sung by Mike Bauer).

Some really creative comments:
In ’68 I was caught stealing this Dylan record from a store in Miami. The judge told me I could spend two days in jail or do a tour of duty in Southeast Asia doing some black ops s*** for my Uncle Sam. A month later I was on a Huey near the Laos border when a RPG hit our rear rudder. I woke up on a cot in an army field hospital with a priest reading my last rites. I asked him what day it was and he smiled and said “it’s Friday, man. You got this.” I knew right then I was going to be ok.

@CyberKiDxBRnM could not disagree further if anything dylan is obviously bringing up how african americans served in both world wars espically the line which says “you know what it is” meaning the whites should have relized that african americans fought by them. while the whites “kicked in the front seat” the blacks often had to sit “in the backseat” and dylan and others were often confilicted as to where they should sit.”

“I remember when I first heard this, winter of ’65. All the songs and protests about the war were meeting deaf ears, I think we all needed a little partyin. And yes, we looked forward to the weekend. We got a little excited. And even though we knew the war (i.e. Sunday) came afterwards, it was Friday and we had to get down.”

“Whichever one of you who brought up Dylan’s communism is right on. This is clearly and anti-capitalist epic, championing anarchy (partying) and fun (fun, fun, fun).  The fixation on the weekend, days when reasonable people in communist countries always get to party and have fun, fun, fun, juxtaposed with the drudgery of having to wake at 7am and get fresh and determine the horrors of capitalist classicism (which seat can i take?”

“This song wasn’t “A” counter culture hymn back in the day, this song was THEE counter culture hymn, the one by which all other anti establishment songs were measured, and if you listen to the lyrics (not hear, but listen) you can see why.”

“Don’t you know the history of this? Dylan wrote this in the early 1960s–’62 or ’63. It was released only on 45. It never made it onto LP because of the political firestorm it ignited. There were record burnings in many cities. The John Birch Society put up billboards around the U.S. stating: “IT’S NOT YOUR FRIDAY. IT’S OUR FRIDAY, AND IT’S WHITE.” Columbia was forced to recall the record. When the 45 is played backward, you can hear Dylan saying, “Bury them all!”.”

“You think this is just a video dude? This is a fucking tenement to the problems with the social order found within the American society. Do you not hear those deep and meaningful lyrics projecting the deepest love anyone could feel between getting down and Dylan? If you don’t understand what I’m trying to say just listen to him as he sings “yesterday was Thursday, today is Friday, tomorrow is going to be Saturday, the day after that is going to be Sunday,” its so deep man.”

Now I present to you the movie “Apocalypse Now” edited to “Bob Dylan’s” timeless and PROFOUND song “Friday”. (Warning: some violent scenes.)


[Eds note: This Dylan/Apocalypse Now/Friday video was produced by Arkadia and the rest of the very talented gang at EccentricHusky, and was originally posted to their Facebook page – go say thank you!]


  1. My 7 year old niece made me watch this crap on the weekend. After the first 30 seconds I stopped it and tried to explain to her all that was wrong with it. She didn’t want to hear my story.

    Now I’m sending my sister (her mother) a link to this page and the Dylan version. Hopefully the young fool will still see the light.

    {Love your Apocalypse Now video edit for it as well!}

    • Haha, well the thing is it’s like a 5 year old wrote the song, so it would appeal to 4-8 year old kids. lol. Singing about the days of the week is educational for young children. It’s like a Sesame Street song for them. Ark music factory and Rebecca where aiming for a more mature audience but erm…I guess they aimed too high! Glad you like the vid! 🙂 The transformation with some real music and a good sensible singing voice…priceless!

  2. Why does she go to the bus stop to get into a car with her friends?? And why are her friends driving a car any way? Aren’t they too young to be driving?

    Got to be the dumbest song ever created. She’s like a juvenile version of Rick Astley, and we all know how crap he was!

    The pseudo-Dylan version with your video is a huge improvement-well done! But, no matter how it’s sung it will always be a very crap song.

  3. FRIDAY!! We gonna get down on Friday!
    Great post Ark!

  4. Thanx Arkadia and even Mike Bauer for making this song so much more bearable but i have to agree with aussie-rocks … it will always be a very crap song! Big ups to EccentricHusky! The original video really really sucked, i’m still trembling from the horror of it all. Ark music factory is terrible at what they do…. unless…. being terrible is what they do?

  5. A crap song indeed. Many people laughed while others had seizures, and some destroyed their radios and tvs:

    Some went crazy and can’t seem to get the days of the week out of their heads and they philosophize over which seat to sit in, wasting hours before actually deciding that they should take the drivers seat, because they have to drive themselves to work. Companies have lost revenue as a result.

    It’s caused mass hysteria and doctors are hard at work, trying to restore people back to normal. It’s unfortunate that some people have permanent brain damage as a result and Ark music factory (which I sadly share part of a name with) may be in a lot of trouble…

    • I’m wondering just how many people are going to be waking up tomorrow with that chorus of “It’s Friday, Friday, gonna get down on Friday” earworming itself into their heads?

      Also, like it or not, the girl is making a chunk of change out of it: .

      Scariest point in that article is that her mommy actually paid Ark Music to produce 2 songs!! That means there is at least one more piece of aural punishment in store for us….

      • IT’S FRIDAY! FRIDAY! Partying Partying YEAH! hehe. If you’re not getting down today, you’re not gonna get your bowl or your cereal…but you may still make a ton of cash for being the funniest thing on the internet. lol. Yes, she is making a lot of money from this. haha. Jokes on us hey. Good for her though, she could use some money for a good music school! 🙂 As for Ark Music…grrrr…their manufacturing little wannabes all over the place… AND on a sidenote, being a web designer, I have to say that their website looks just as terrible as their music sounds. – Look at how they advertise these kids as “the next viral star” – it’s reprehensible! What has music come down to?

        Enjoy your partying and have fun fun fun guys! Don’t take too long to decide which seat to take or you may miss Friday altogether… :-/

        *Dreads Rebecca Black’s new song*

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