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  1. No, divorce is too horrific to contemplate. But perhaps you should get a good pre-nup in case, Blink Stefanus is going to be a very valuable logo one day…

  2. Valentine's Day. Tré romantic indeed.

    Still. I'd second Cindy's pre-nup suggestion! Just in case.

  3. Are you guys for real?

    • Yip, my wife asked the same question….

  4. I third the pre-nup! NANDO's yummy! Beer sponsor? Keep it real hey!

  5. wedding planners that are very committed to their jobs are very hard to find *`-
    [~ I’ve kept this blatant spam attempt (without the links of course) because I’m deeply amused that the spammer choose this specific article to post links to Constipation Remedies ~]


  1. - [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by The BlaBla Blog, HSmith. HSmith said: Blink Stefanus, the wedding planner |…

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