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Posted by on Nov 10, 2010 in Advertising, Business, Random, StefanusNel | 0 comments

Blink Stefanus the Atheist           

After Blink and I got married I did all I could to make him feel like his own person.

I got him his own Woollies card (still waiting for it), applied for ANCYL membership because Blink is very liberal. I also created his own facebook page – Blink Stefanus.

One of the questions I had to answer under his profile had to do with his religious conviction. I thought long and hard about it and decided Blink is an atheist. Even if he decided to believe in the cross it will be pointless. The bible doesn’t mention anything anywhere about logos. If they die it’s the end of them. So the question ‘can logos go to heaven?’ is answered for me. And it brings me to my next question – ‘would heaven be heaven without Blink?’ or ‘would heaven be heaven for Walk Disney without Mickey Mouse’? I think not.

But its not all bad news – for not being able to go to heaven (or hell) logos and brands get something in return. Eternal life. Many brands carry on and get bigger after their creators passed away. It’s like they’ve become alive and nothing can stop them. Even if someone killed Mickey Mouse he’ll be back tomorrow – either as a badge on a kid’s cap or a design on a t-shirt.

It’s like this because they’re not really alive, you can’t kill them. And because they’re not really dead you can’t bury them… or something like that.

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