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Posted by on Jan 6, 2011 in Random | 4 comments

Blink Stefanus, Paulina Kruger and the Afrikanervolksparty

The Afrikaner Volksparty has decided to get a little mileage out of the Blink Stefanus “Paulina Kruger” story as well…


BlaBla Edit: Here’s a direct machine translation of the article to English which is obviously not very accurate. It will give you a pretty clear idea of what the AVP think of the design though…

In Report from 02 January there is an article on former President Paul Kruger so offensive that not only the authors thereof, and also report as a newspaper’s reputation, along with his editor that such reprehensible and offensive articles allow irreversible drag through the mud!

An article as it just wrote it the spirit of the times in which some whites fell to display, not the figure so prominently would be placed, or at least in the right perspective offered by the banality and veragtelikheid without fuss in told to check!

Would this character assassination during the Anglo Boer War in this way presented it, would vuurpeleton probably not only Stefanus Nel, who as the article puts it, one of the spirits behind the design now on t-shirts will benevolently before it had , but Michelle Nursey apparently the design done and Johannes de Villiers, who reported as “tasteful” offered!

It is for us in the AVP clear what kind of spirits here we are! For such an exemplary and highly respected former President of the Afrikaner people as a “Fopdosser” to propose and to illustrate, surrounded by all sorts of Satan character is not only an insult to the wêreldge-ated old man of God, but an offensive insult to every true African!

If this insolent liberals who think that they’re behind the New South Africa and its unchristian constitution, human rights and freedom of speech is safe and free to join the enemies of the Afrikaner nation our people heroes in this way to humble to them but prefer to think twice!

The AVP will do everything in his power to resist this trend going. This type of attack is similar to the murder of Eugene Terreblanche in line with the genocide that is taking on the Afrikaner people to be executed! Under other circumstances would these despicable actions goedskiks the death penalty could be eradicated!


  1. ‘vuurpeleton’ is a firing squad. They say they would like to place us (the artist, the journalist and me or Blink or both) in front of a firing squad.

    • Would it be cool if they did it dressed up as Boer Kommando members and used Lee-Enfield and Mauser rifles like they did during the Boer War?

      Or would a firing squad not be generally cool at all?

  2. What exactly is a halsmisdaad?

    • A ‘halsmisdaad’ is a capital crime, methinks. One punishable by death. Hence the threat of the firing squad. The AVP is suggesting that all those responsible for producing and promoting the image have committed a treasonous act and should be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

      A little over dramatic are the good people of the ‘Afrikaner People’s Party’ it seems.


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