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  1. Now what do we get you for a wedding gift? I am thinking snackwich machine? Or one of those larney TV GRILLERS?

  2. Don't know about the TV griller Kev. I think there is something none of us have considered yet; the after-the-wedding issues. Is there a pill that does the OPPOSITE of Viagra? I'm really concerned about the non-consummation of the marriage …

    • BLUE STONE, or blouvitterjool, I think thats how you spell it. Maybe as a wedding gift we should by Stef a fleshlight????

  3. Damn good question Cindy!

    Would peeling the backing off a sticker constitute consummation? The sticker equal of losing your virginity.

    Maybe he has to stick and remove and restick Blink until all the sticky stuff is finished?

    This is a quandary indeed.

    • Stef has pulled off many sticker backs……………..

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