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  1. That, Sir, is outstanding news indeed!

    Congratulations from all of us here at The BlaBla Blog!

    I have no doubt that you and Blink are going to be very, very happy together and wish you both a lifetime of happily wedded bliss.

    Does this mean, though, that you are going to be joining the polygamist ranks of JZ and be taking multiple marital partners? Not that I have any issue with that personally (hell, you get it where you can as far as I'm concerned!) but I'm just curious as to how your wife feels about the coming nuptials.

    • I only have enough love for my logo ( :

  2. Ohhhhkay then.

    Sounds a bit weird, but whatever floats your boat I guess.

    Congratulations guys! I think.

  3. I am so happy for the two of you. I am sure Blink is gonna be spoilt with a fantastic honeymoon. I know a good travel counsellor if you need ideas.

    • You know you're gonna be the one marrying us?

      • I was not sure, you need to let me know so we can work out a couple of things.

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