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  1. Gonna have to wait for Bla/Greg to post up a translate again, but I gather from the bit I can understand that your mom thinks you are full of s#it. Right?

      • LOL @ thank's for the translation @JoBra

        And here I was diligently doing the whole online translation thing. Should have know it was that simple!

        Going to update the post with JoBra's translation too.

  2. Mothers, they never understand……has she asked you if Blink can cook?

  3. ROFLMA @ JoBra's Translation!

    That's pretty much exactly what I thought the message said!

  4. am still lol-ing @ Jobra's translation!

  5. How can I get an invitation to the wedding? I would looooooooove to witness this very dramatic and romantic occasion 🙂

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