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  1. NANDO's, now thats cool! It better be a big garden.

  2. Just a thought……..Travel Counsellors will do a HONEYMOON REGISTRY for you…..that way all the guests and or family can contribute to a fantastic honeymoon for you and BLINK. Let me know if you are interrested, I could hook you up!

  3. Yay Nandos! Must we all still bring carrot salad?

    • I still want the theme to be Boksburg wedding. Platters can be very Boksburg so yes a few Afrkaans finger foods in between will help. I'm working on a list. Don't want everyone to bring wortelslaai!

      • Good, cause I prefer sout-happies to wortelslaai…..

  4. oooh southappies! Like those little toothpick thingys with cheese & coloured onions all stuck into a pineapple so it looks like a hedgehog?

    • We used to use a melon shell covered in tinfoil! The toothpicks need to have those bits of frilly coloured plastic on the ends – that makes them really upmarket happies.

      • Hard boiled eggs with the yellow mixed and creamed and piped back in… thats fancy!

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