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Posted by on Jan 24, 2010 in BlaBla, Life, StefanusNel | 4 comments

Blink Stefanus Does Elana & 5FM

BlinkStefanusStef discussed his upcoming nuptials to Blink Stefanus (his logo) live on national radio this morning when he was interviewed by the lovely Elana Afrika on the Sunday edition of the 5FM Weekend Breakfast Show.

A great interview all round, with some really good exposure for Blink. One of the funniest parts of their conversation came early on:

  • EA: So wait, let me get it… You don’t have any merchandise?Stefanus in the 5FM studio with Elana Afrika
  • SN: No, not yet.
  • EA: You don’t have a shop?
  • SN: No.
  • EA: You don’t have…. uhhh, lollipops?
  • SN: No. But I have got a lot of stickers!

Err, lollipops Elana? What were you thinking about?

Stefanus shows Elana just how big Blink is

Play the interview
Here’s a link to a recording of the interview that we’ve uploaded to our Posterous site:
<<Blink Stefanus does Elana & 5FM>>

The interview file is in mp3 format, runs for about 9 minutes, and is a little over 8Mb in size if you want to download it from there.

The interview was split into a couple of segments, so there are a couple of unavoidable breaks in the recording – because it’s illegal to record music over the internet, don’t you know!

The images alongside are screen grabs from the 5FM studio-cam. Click on them to enlarge. We want to know exactly what Stef was describing in that second picture??

Oh, and talking about 5FM, Elana we think that they really need to update your headshot on the 5FM website. The one on there at the moment does not do you or the new do justice! 😉


  1. Did you manage to tag the 5FM studio?

    • yes I did! I'll send you the pics. and thanks for uploading the conversation!

      • Dude, this was very cool!

  2. I was so excited, I was smsing the whole world to listen. I nearly died when she announced 'Stef can you come in earlier'.

    Way to go!

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