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Posted by on Mar 16, 2010 in Random | 1 comment

Blink Stefanus can’t leave

I’ve always been a positive person. I love being happy. I like to laugh and to be surrounded by positive happy smiling laughing people. When I’m down or negative it only lasts for a few hours.

The last few days I’ve been quite down about South Africa. I can’t blame it on the violence as I’m used to it by now… unfortunately. I can’t blame it on poor service delivery. Or on the the battle – Pretoria vs Tswane… not that I care.

Two of my brothers live overseas. ML lives in Atlanta and Willem in Paris. I also have a sister Louise who lives in the UK. Where would I go if I decided its time to leave. Australia. No. New Zealand. Maybe. The States. Yes. The UK. No. The truth is I don’t want to leave. So why am I thinking about it???? What would be the consequences? I have many animals and wouldn’t be able to take all of them with me. It will break my heart to leave anyone of my 6 dogs or 8 cats behind. They really are my kids. And what about Blink Stefanus? I would have to start from square one. And I honestly can’t see myself doing that. I’ve put too much work into BS to just start from scratch. After all he’s a South African.

Leaving is not only difficult. It’s hard work.

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