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  1. Mhahahaha. Your Ma is gonna kak herself!

    Did a "Translate to English" on this page (using our nifty toolbar down the bottom of the screen) and will edit Stefanus' post with the results.

    Sort of reads like my mate Zelda talks English…

  2. "How’s it going to Tamworth?" WTF?!

    How did "Hoe gaan dit op Stilbaai?" become "How’s it going to Tamworth?"

    Stupid machines. And they want us to believe that saving John Conner is the only way to save the planet from them. Right.

    • ROFLMAOWTIMEPIMP! The "literal" translation gives this post an "edge" over the original…. WTF TAMWORTH? If it had said "calmbay" or even "quitebay" I would have agreed.

  3. Do not try to find a stick to my plan!

    Love that line. Going to use it on the boss when I pitch the next proposal to him.

  4. Okay, according to the trusty standby for shortage of brain capacity, Tamworth is:

    a town and local government district in Staffordshire, England, located 14 miles (23 km) north-east of Birmingham city centre and 103 miles (166 km) north-west of London.

    Has it been twinned with Stilbaai? Maybe that's why the translator used it?

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