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Posted by on Nov 6, 2013 in Advertising, Television, Video | 0 comments

Black People & White People Furniture

You have got to love the cringeworthy goodness of some US local business television adverts. They’re often as bad as some of the self-voiced radio spots we get to hear on SA radio. Only with the added benefit of visuals thrown in.

This television spot (found via a Tweet from @NatalieRoos) is one such example of what happens when people script, appear in, film, edit and produce their own commercials. (Or when they do so on the very, very cheap.)

Red House is a North Carolina furniture store that prides itself on having both black and white staff members who are equally happy to sell furniture to both black people and to white people. They even have Black people furniture that White people will like, and vice versa.

A bastion of harmonious interracial consumerism, in other words. As Natalie says in her message: if only more adverts could be like this.

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