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Posted by on Sep 7, 2009 in BlaBla | 5 comments

My Weekend Online WTF Moment

I spend a fair bit of time online, randomly browsing my way around the ‘net. Which is pretty much what I was doing this past weekend when I innocently loaded a page and got hit by a  WTF?! moment.

This animated banner launched at the top-centre of the screen:

WTF-clip toe nail“Clip The Toenail!”?? Are you serious? The toenail grows out from the cartoonish foot like Pinocchio’s nose. The clippers are directed by moving the mouse. The built-in puke factor comes as an added bonus.

I mean, how low must advertisers stoop in order to attract attention? I can’t see it being all that effective. I was so totally repulsed by the ad that not only did I not “Click to Clip” (which I imagine would have taken me to the advertisers site), but I very quickly left the page and went elsewhere.

So not only did the advertiser fail in their attempt to get me to their product, but the owner of the hosting website lost me as a visitor as well. Would that count as a double #Fail? I think so.


  1. HAHAHAHA! I would have clipped the toe nail, infact I tried…..

    • So it seems that the ad does appeal to some. Guess it takes all sorts.

  2. that reminds me, better clip my own toenails..

    • I feel ill just realising that I know you. Freak!

  3. What levels will marketers go to in order to get clicks.

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