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Posted by on Sep 1, 2009 in Random | 3 comments

BlaBla Comes Clean

Time to put my cards on the table, and come clean with you all…

I suffer from a chronic case of agerasia.

It’s a burden I bear with stoic self-confidence and a fair measure of humility. Commiserations appreciated.


  1. I just figured this out. A little cryptic there Blabla!? For others as confused as I was, click on the link to definition of 'agerasia'…

  2. Oh, and my sympathies Bla. Does this mean you are forever having to prove your age at clubs and bars?

  3. Sho that does sound serious, to look younger then you actualy are, now it might be a broblem but when you reach the age of 30 you'll look younger then you already are…

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