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Posted by on Nov 5, 2010 in Featured, Motor, Voted, Wheels | 2 comments

Bernie Ecclestone Turns 80 and Gets What He Deserves

Born Bernard Charles Ecclestone 28 October 1930 he is often referred to as the FORMULA 1 SUPREMO. So what do you buy the man who has everything his heart could desire? Especially if you are not overly fond of the old fart…

Well Reb Bull racing got him a tricked out WALKER……with all the important stuff he might need. Buttons for “TEA”, “NURSE”, “POWER” and the one thing he has plenty of “MONEY”. It has a front wing for better aerodynamics and a couple of RED BULL refreshment bottles, held on with high tech cable ties……Now BERNIE is not a very popular guy, and this is more a take the piss kind of gift. I thought it was very funny, Hat tip to PAUL and the guys from Sinclairs for the picture.


  1. Hahaha!! Love it when Grandpa shows a bit of ‘tude.
    I wonder how he didn’t think that this pic would travel around the world in minutes. Maybe the old age is addling his sense. At 80 it’s about time for him to make way for someone younger I think.

    • Dirty old man!
      Dirty, filthy, stinking rich old man that is.

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