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Posted by on Dec 11, 2009 in Random, Writing |

Benjamin’s sadness part 2

As the first rays Belenus and Balor arrived signalling the arrival of Brigantia, Mah started pacing wishing she would hurry up. He needed to get started on taking away Benjamin’s tears.

Just as Mah was about to go looking for Brigantia, she arrived all bright orange and yellow and smiling. Mah showed her little Benjamin, sitting on the door step crying, this made Brigantia very sad as well, that day she hardly came out from behind the clouds she was so sad.

Mah started telling her about his plans to make Benjamin smile and to take away his tears, but he needed her help. Mah told her about how Ziggy his kitten had made him smile, all they needed to do was find a way to make little Benjamin smile.

Brigantia was confused, surely the sun made everyone smile, wasn’t that good enough? Balor her one ray explained how she got too hot for little Benjamin as his skin was too light.
Mah decided to ask Brigantia to keep a look out for anything that might help him take away Benjamin’s sadness.
For weeks Brigantia watched and looked for something, anything that might help little Benjamin smile. At the same time Mah was searching at night for ways to solve the problems. Together they started hunting for a cure for Benjamin’s sadness.

One day he sent a trail of stars down to little Benjamin just before he left for the day, but once Brigantia and her rays arrived the stars could no longer be seen and this made both Mah and little Benjamin cry again.

The next night the first comet of the night Mah caught and held on tight to all night so that as soon as little Benjamin went to the step he released it, little Benjamin looked up and grinned through his tears when he saw the comet blazing through the sky. But the comet was gone too soon and little Benjamin was crying again.

Brigantia tried to make little Benjamin smile, one morning she played hide and seek with her cloud servants, but every time she came out, little Benjamin would run inside still crying. Brigantia was too hot for his skin to handle and his mommy was too sick to put sun screen on him.

© orchid