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Posted by on Mar 21, 2012 in Featured, Joburg, Music, Video | 0 comments

BalconyTV Live From Joburg

Founded in Dublin, Ireland in 2006, BalconyTV is a video music web site with a difference: all of the acts featured on the site are filmed performing live on a balcony. And while that may sound like a bit of a gimmicky approach, the results are surprisingly good.

BalconyTV - Music With A View

And now BalconyTV has a Johannesburg “bureau” which has quietly gone about providing a novel showcase for some of South Africa’s finest musical talent since the end of January. Think Taxijam, but with balconies and a global audience.

With BalconyTV performances now being shot in over 30 city locations around the world, and then all of these being added to the global BalconyTV website, the potential of exposure for smaller and independent artists is huge.

That’s not to say that the only artists being featured on BalconyTV are complete unknowns: names you may recognise include The ScriptMumford & Sons, The Buzz Cocks (squeezed onto a postcard sized balcony in Dublin!) and Biffy Clyro amongst others.

The global scope and reach of BalconyTV is immediately evident: BTV Joburg featured recent UK visitors to South Africa, The Christians for example (although they technically were inside the balcony of what looks like the Fourways City Lodge and not on it – it was pouring with rain at the time).

And love-them or hate-them South African rockers The Parlotones were recently featured on BalconyTV Austin in the States where they were attending SXSW 2012.

In my opinion, they give a pretty honest performance of “Should We Fight Back?” to a somewhat tongue-tied host. Maybe she’s just dumbstruck by the site of Kahn sans make-up?

The Johannesburg branch of BalconyTV is being hosted by Julian Von Plato who seems to handle the short introduction interviews with the artists slightly more professionally than his Austin counterpart.

And in most cases the video performances all follow a similar format: A little background of the band stuff, and quick introduction to everyone around, and then a stripped down, mostly acoustic song performance.

Here’s the “Good Morning Killer” the contribution from Shadowclub who have the honour of being the first artist featured by BalconyTV Johannesburg:

Take a while to look around the various sites and you find some real gems. Like Mr. Donkey in Dublin who performs wearing a donkey mask. Or from Rennes in France try Compagnie 3ème Acte (The 3rd Act Company??) who perform an acapella barbershop harmony version of James Browns’ “I Feel Good” while dressed as hotel porters.

For more serious music fans have a look at Swedish duo Eskobar, give Portuguese folk-rock outfit Bicho Do Mato a listen, and maybe even the story songs of Aussie singer-songwriter Eli Wolfe.

Find out more:

BalconyTV Global Sites:

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