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Posted by on Jun 15, 2011 in Featured, Kimberley, Music | 1 comment

Ashtray Electric’s Measured in Falls Album

South Africa has yet another album to be proud of, and this time round we can thank Ashtray Electric and their brand spanking new “Measured in Falls” CD that’s out this month.

It’s an album that once again proves that South Africa can produce music just as good as overseas (in many cases, better…) and one that’s kept many of us waiting in anticipation for some time.

The Ashtray Electric album launch kicked off in Cape Town last Saturday. “Worth the wait” would be an understatement. Known as one of South Africa’s sexiest indie-rock bands, they managed to charm the socks off their crowd with both their incredible talent and charisma. The vibrant beats and rhythms of their songs made it hard to stand still, but what really stole the hearts of their local fans (and first time listeners) is their lyrics. Both raw and honest the tracks from the new album seemed to hypnotize each person present. Attracted to the dirty yet innocent nature and truth of the lyrics, each person in The Assembly couldn’t help but be enticed by the band.


Like many South African bands, the most likeable thing (besides their incredible music and aforementioned sexiness) is their ability to be real in front of a crowd. In the spotlight, they show us who they really are; simply, this is a band that lives to create music that reflects personal experience and passion. Their album and stage presence gives us a piece of their humanity whilst their charisma makes us want to follow their cause.

Talent, charm, and honesty makes Ashtray Electric a band to keep your eyes on. Get your hands on their new album “Measured in Falls” which is out soon in music stores and make sure to follow them on facebook:

1 Comment

  1. Very nice write up Kimberley. Thanks for representing Blablania so well 🙂

    Looking forward to the grainy pics but in the meanwhile I’m going to go hunt down a copy of the album soon as I can.

    SA rocks!


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