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Posted by on Nov 26, 2009 in Sport, Voted | 6 comments

Are we world class yet?

The “Mother of hardenduro” starts today down in Lesotho. Yes THE ROOF OF AFRICA. This is rated as one of , if not, THE toughest off road enduro race.

International stars like Alfie Cox, Chris Birch, Louwrens Mahony, William “wild Will” Gillit and the rest have competed in this major test of man and machine.

This is the RICHEST ENDURO event on the local calender. If you are an off roader this is something you dream of doing, one day…..

The event has been advertised as having television coverage this year. “Similar to races such as the Dakar, the 2009 Baboons Roof of Africa will get daily television coverage on Supersport. Not only does this lift the exposure of the event amongst Southern African races, but it also puts it amongst the international events where it now belongs. At the same time the race will have daily internet coverage via the Baboons Internet Portal, together with hourly updates on the progress of competitors passing two checkpoints and the finish. Daily media releases go out to more than 2000 subscribers, electronic and print media.”

I will not be there so I looked for the television schedule on SUPERSPORT, nothing, not a mention. I checked the TVGUIDE on DSTV, nothing? So I called Supersport, who took my details and said they would find out and call me back. They did, just to tell me that the event was only being run this weekend and that they had to wait for the tapes to come from the orginisers before they could schedule it in a week or so’s time…..

There you go, South African style, world class event, with daily television coverage “in a week or so’s time”….now I ask you, are we ready for 2010?

WTF does DAILY TELEVISION COVERAGE mean idiots? Have any of you scheduling chops watched the DAKAR? The show might run late at night, but it runs everyday. Lift your game, or is it easier just to schedule re-runs of crappy local shows?

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  1. UNACCEPTABLE!! Especially if one considers that Supersport considers itself amoung the top 3 dedicated sports broadcasters in the world.

    On the flip side, we also need to know if the event organisers have done all that they possibly could to get daily coverage in the build up to the evnt?

    • The orginisers have been punting the “Daily television coverage” for a while now, I wonder if they knew it was not going to “really” be daily?

    • Peter? No way! That's cool!

    • No footage dude! Just the crappy internet ticker thats so "behined" it's frustrating! Lucky Wade's there, he keeps me informed!

  2. UPDATE>>>
    The Roof Of Africa highlites shows started on Supersport last night and will run again tonight and tomorrow. Check your listings for times.


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