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Posted by on Jan 12, 2010 in BlaBla, Current Events | 3 comments

Angola is South Africa & Kill a Tourist Day – Journalistic Standards Gone to Hell?

Bravo Alex Perry and – a valid and sensible voice of reason at last:  Soccer Attack: Why South Africa Is Not Angola. Foreign media and journalists take note:

This is nonsense. Africa is not a country. The distance between Paris and Kosovo is about half that between Cape Town and Cabinda, yet no one thought the war in the Balkans made the 1998 World Cup in France unsafe. As an exasperated Danny Jordaan, South Africa’s chief tournament organizer, said, “We urge the world not to play double standards. When a terrorist incident happens in any European country, no other European country is linked to it.”

And as for the washed-up soap opera “star” who got “shot at on Kill A Tourist Day”… clearly a pathetic attempt at getting her (fugly) self back into the limelight back home. With a name like I guess we can’t really blame her.

Probably hatched her bullshit plan when she realised that not a single other human being in a 1,000 kilometre radius from where she was enjoying an incredible South African holiday knew who she was, or gave a damn about her if they did. Paparazzi withdrawal stress.

Go read the Cape Argus/IOL report (Cops Baffled By Actress’ Account Of Shooting) and try to visualise the police and CCID spokesmen trying very hard not to utter a single “stupid, irresponsible, dumb arsed foreign slag” in any of their comments:

“Claims that police told her it was ‘Kill a Tourist Day’ are nonsense since it was the taxi driver who told his passengers this.”
Stoffels said investigators found the incident strange because the streets in the city centre had been teeming with police, security guards, members of the law enforcement agencies, and traffic, yet there were no witnesses to the shooting.
CCID security manager Moeneeb Hendricks said the taxi driver believed the “shot” could have been a firecracker that was set off near the vehicle.

Both these stories illustrate (at least in my opinion) the growing desperation of mainstream mass-market media to reduce the impact that electronic and social media services, and citizen journalism is having on their markets.

Or am I just being ignorantly naïve?


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    • Your email is probably a lot more believable than the garbage in some of these 'news' articles…

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