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Posted by on Feb 24, 2010 in Current Events, JoBra | 1 comment

ANCYL Brands Mboweni a Coconut & Calls a Kettle Black

In a media release from the African National Congress Youth League received earlier today, the ANCYL takes umbrage at the recently announced appointment of ex-Reserve Bank Governor, Tito Mboweni to the Chair of AngloGold Ashanti.

Amongst the random outbursts of obscure, difficult to interpret rhetoric, some choice verbatim extracts:

Tito Mboweni’s appointment into a mining corporation is not at all surprising and reflects the reactionary, nonsensical and backward views he expressed when he was the mis-Governor of the South African Reserve Bank that Mines will not be nationalised in South Africa.

There is no doubt that Tito Mboweni was speaking the views of white capitalists, like those who did in the recent past, which controls the South African economy… particularly the extraction, processing and trade of minerals.

The nationalisation of mines is the key towards decisive and radical economic transformation which will benefit all South Africans, particularly the working class and the poor.

That is why the national general council in September 2010, the national conference of the ANC in December 2012 will resolve on the nationalisation of mines. Enrichment of few individuals will never assist majority of our people.

“…Mboweni was speaking the views if white capitalists”: Black dude speaks views of white dudes = coconut.

“…nonsensical and backward views…” = The pot calling the kettle black.

And since when does the Youth League dictate policy to the National General Council? They are basically insulting the party leadership by implying that the leadership are a bunch of liars for publicly stating that mine nationalisation is not an option, not a government policy, and not on the table for discussion.

Oh, and that last line? Maybe Julius Malema should approve ANCYL media statements before they get sent out considering the recent revelations about his habits of “individual enrichment”. Or was that an attempt at sarcasm perhaps?

1 Comment

  1. "Sarcasm" is there a PEDI word for that?

    Is Mboweni not embroiled in a law suit re: RACIST remarks he alledgedly made to a white SARB board member? Hmmmmm coconut, I think not.

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